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   Chapter 366 Punishment (Part Two)

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The other cultivators behind the older man saw him kneeling in front of Darren. They were both confused and shocked, exclaiming, "Sir, what... what is happening to you?"

"Sir, it was the Holy Land that sent some people here and ordered your clan to be put under enslavement. If we didn't do as they asked us, they would ruin Doriath. We had to obey them and dared not go against their orders," the older man vouched to Darren with his head dropped low. He sensed the fearful aura of Darren, and his voice trembled as he spoke. All this time, he was trying very hard to suppress the trembling of his knees so it wouldn't be that obvious.

Hearing the words that came out from their leader's mouth, which signaled that he had yielded, the rest of the cultivators felt uneasy as if they had no air to breathe.

The senior elder of the royal family, the cultivator at the Wonder Realm, should be and supposed to be invincible. Yet, now he was calling Darren "sir" with utmost reverence. Much more was, he was terribly frightened to the point that he got down on his knees to show his admiration to him! All this had been out of their imagination.

"Is Bryan responsible for all these? Is he the one who made the orders?" showing his authority, Darren asked again. This time he took small steps forward and made his voice a little louder and firmer.

"I haven't heard of the name that you've mentioned, Sir. What I merely know is that all of those people were from the Blade Holy Land and they were all cultivators at the middle stage of the Wonder Realm," responded the still kneeling leader. This time his voice was more submissive.

"Humph! It doesn't matter. Actually, they were only some ants for me. To tell you the truth, I have killed the Holy Lord of the Blade Holy Land," with a seething tone, Darren sneered. His aura contained some blade intent and sword intent, which terrified them.

Upon hearing the words from Darren that he had killed the Holy Lord of the Blade Holy Land, a cultivator at the Mysterious Realm behind the older man got such a fright that he passed out.

"I see what you mean, sir. I will ask the leader of our kingdom to rel

him with his hand.

"Hum! You break one arm by yourself quickly. Otherwise, I will kill this bad old guy!" warned the cultivator, taking the elder as a hostage. The cultivator of the Wonder Realm could see that Darren attached much importance to the members of the Chu Clan. So he thought he could threaten Darren by seizing one elder.

"Puff!" With just a blow of his fingers, Darren blew an intent to that cultivator. The power contained some ice sword intent, which left a slash on his neck. In a jiffy, the cultivator fell to the ground suddenly with a desolate thud. His eyes were still opened, lifeless, and dull.

All the members of the Chu Clan felt relieved seeing what had happened, although they felt very nervous when the Third Elder was threatened. Yet their amazement overpowered the fear and relief they had felt right now. A mix of battling emotions was stirred upon each one of them. They were so grateful to have Darren on their side.

"We all accept your conditions, sir!" This time all the royal members echoed in chorus. They were all paled and got down on their knees after witnessing what had happened. Their faces were almost touching the ground in humble acknowledgment of Darren.

At that moment, all the members of the Chu Clan were thrilled and exasperated that some were in tears. No words could be used for them to describe and express their gratitude to that former young weakling and now their savior.

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