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   Chapter 365 Punishment (Part One)

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Over the past few years that they had suffered under in the desolate place, the Chu Clan members knew clearly that the Holy Land was such a place ruled by such intoxicating powers. Reality could not be concealed how powerful a Holy Lord was, that ruled and influenced the land and its subjects.

Yet, for Darren, it was as if the threat posed by the mighty Holy Lord was nothing but a joke. Especially when he declared that, even if a person as powerful as a Holy Lord appeared, that person should kneel to him. Darren's sentence shocked all the members of the Chu Clan, and they could not believe their ears for the words were too good to be true. Albeit all these, they were Darren's family, and all of them believed that Darren was not a boastful person; he was truthful, and standing firm by his words.

"Darren, is it really possible that for just a few years, you have grown to a level that no one can defeat you? Are you that potent now, that you have no fear facing a powerful cultivator in the Wonder Realm?" asked a middle-aged member of the Chu Clan.

"I have the same question. All of us know that you will never speak in big words before, but what you have said now is out of our imagination!" asked another member.

One by one, the members of the Chu Clan started to put forward their questions. They didn't doubt Darren, but they dared not believe his words. It was as if that doubts were troubling them, either they were amazed at what Darren had achieved as a martial artist, or they couldn't believe what he was saying and assume that he was just lying all this time.

"Please don't ask me such kind of questions, for I don't know how to answer them. For now, why don't you take the spiritual herbs to heal yourselves first? If you would just be patient and wait until those who have been summoned came, maybe then you will find the answers to all your questions. That is when you see with your own eyes how I kill them with my skills. One more thing, please send someone to take Uncle Reed here and make sure that he's safe." Finishing his instructions, Darren gave each member of the Chu Clan a piece of superior spiritual herb to replenish their strength and revive them to their maximum

hree of them had just reached the primary stage of the Wonder Realm, and the other three were at the top level of the Mysterious Realm.

"No wonder the royal family can overpower the whole kingdom. Now I see that a cultivator at the Wonder Realm is allowed to stay here and guard the place."

As a rule, a cultivator at the Wonder Realm was not allowed to stay in the ordinary world. In rare cases, if a kingdom's safety was risked, and it needed to be guarded, then a cultivator at the ninth stage of the Mysterious Realm alone would not be strong enough to guard the place. Thus, that would probably be the reason why the Holy Lands permit that a cultivator at the Wonder Realm could remain in the ordinary land.

"Now tell me the truth! Why did the royals make the Chu Clan as your slaves?" Standing confidently from where he was seated, Darren voiced his question with a booming voice and a calmed look, giving off his aura secretly.

Like an arrow from a bow, the face of the older man, the leader of the group, turned pale the moment he felt Darren's aura. To Darren and the rest of the groups' amazement, he bent his knee and got down afront Darren.

Of course, it was easy for Darren to let the leader give in. Any of his force, the power of the blade and sword, the ice and flame intent, could make a cultivator at the middle stage of the Wonder Realm surrender. Not to mention the fact that the older man was only at the primary stage of the Wonder Realm.

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