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   Chapter 364 Down On Your Knees (Part Two)

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Everyone sighed as they saw that Darren was determined to stay. In their hearts, they were grateful to the warrior and wished him to succeed in his battle with the royal warriors.

Realizing that they could no longer change his mind, three elders of the Chu Clan, who were now withered and depressed by all these years of suffering, came to Darren. They looked at him with desperation all over their faces.

"Elders!" Bowing down, Darren saluted them and then asked, "May I know where is the guard of the Martial Skill Library?"

What worried Darren the most had been the elder who always helped him before—the guard of the Martial Skill Library.

However, their lips were shaking, and sorrow flashed through their eyes upon hearing the question. The three elders were unable to utter a single word.

Seeing their reaction, Darren panicked a little as he feared that the guard of the Martial Skill Library might be dead.

"He is quite persistent, and he refused to be enslaved. So the royals had him captured, and they said that they were going to make him suffer for eternity," the Chief Elder said in a flurried manner as if he was still shocked by the cruel act of the royals.

That made Darren furious at first, but the fury was overpowered by the relief of knowing that the guard of the Martial Skill Library was still alive. After all, that was what mattered to him. Working out the plan he had in mind, Darren just needed to find him first, and then he would make whoever had hurt him pay dearly.

"Which one of you is causing a disturbance on the royal turf? Have you all forgotten what I am capable of? Are you not afraid of me anymore?"

An arrogant voice came from afar, sending chills down everyone's spine.

"Master Chen is here! Ha-ha!"

The members of Chu Clan looked scared and frightened while the royal guards were thrilled as

el of the Mysterious Realm had just been killed by that young man in an instant! It was shocking!" hollered a warrior that was standing nearby.

The soldiers, who were on their knees now, were scared to death. At this moment, Darren, for them, was the embodiment of death!

"Darren, since when have you become this strong?" an elder asked from afar. The members of his clan could not believe what they had just witnessed, tantamount to what they had seen earlier. They had nothing but pure admiration for the young boy that was now a skilled and crafted warrior.

"Darren, they may send warriors of the Wonder Realm to fight against you and see you dead. Do you think you would be able to take them on? Or at least get our people out of here?" the Chief Elder asked with hopeful eyes as he pointed the members of his clan.

"Chief Elder, you can rest assured. Even the warriors with the cultivation base of the Holy Lords would still have to kneel in front of me," with a serious face, Darren said in a flat tone as if facing the Holy Lords was just a child's play to him. Hearing that, everyone was once again shocked. They wondered in awe as to how one of their kin had improved so much that he could take down even the Holy Lord.

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