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   Chapter 363 Down On Your Knees (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-12-08 00:13

Right at that instant, the soldiers who charged towards Darren were killed in an instant. No one knew how Darren managed to do that, but deep down, they all knew that Darren was compelling and someone not to be messed with.

Recovering from a brief shock at what they have witnessed, the Chu Clan once again grew worried. All of them knew that what Darren had done was like hitting himself against the wall. He declared war against the Royal Army, who had warriors at the top level of the Mysterious Realm or higher. If Darren stayed a little longer in the place, he would probably be obliterated from the face of the earth.

His clan was enslaved under the order of the royals. This was made as a consequence of what happened at the Ilmen Sect. What Darren's family did not know was, Darren was potent enough to have killed two warriors of the Wonder Realm. It was quite natural that such news was well contained in utmost secrecy as it was very embarrassing for the Holy Land to have their warriors killed by someone inferior to them.

So no one in entire Doriath knew Darren's strength and potentials back then. They certainly had no clue what he was capable of doing now.

After all, just by looking at him, he was such a young man—below twenty years old. What harm could he possibly do regardless of whatever gift he might have? This was the question that lingered on the minds of almost all of Darren's clan as they had never met any real genius. That being the case, Darren's show of skills and immense power drove them mesmerized and unbelieving.

After such a massacre, a couple of daring soldiers wanted to come up and subdue Darren despite what they had witnessed. However, they were stopped by several officers.

"I have sent someone to bring in Mr. Elias Chen. When he arrives, this freak will die for sure. The best thing to

Weighing all the odds, Darren took a good look at each member, and all that he saw were pale and withered faces. He could no longer hold himself together and began to tear up.

He was the main reason for their suffering, yet they did not even blame him. Instead, they were urging him to save himself. Darren felt that he could never repay them for their action today and for bearing on their shoulders the suffering, he was supposed to carry. Especially for those who had already lost their lives, Darren would be forever indebted to them.

'At times like this, I cannot leave them behind. I have to make a name for myself and let others fear me! For those grand warrior enforcers, I will kill as many as they come!' he thought to himself. Though it was hard for Darren to disobey the elders of his clan, he had made up his mind and now looked stern and ferocious as he had already decided to stay, fight, and kill!

"My brothers and sisters, and dear elders, I, Darren, at this moment swear to you that I will not let you suffer like this! Not ever!" with a voice full of resolute determination, Darren said. He was looking straight at ever Chu Clan members assuring them that their suffering will end right at that moment.

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