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   Chapter 362 Like A God (Part Two)

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After saying these words, Darren made sure that his uncle was concealed in a safe place, then he rushed straight into the massive gates of the Chu Clan, ignoring Reed's protest.

Finally, giving up on changing Darren's mind, Reed just kept his silence as he watched his nephew fly towards the gates. After Darren left, he fell on the ground as if the last of his body's strength had left him. He started wailing, thinking that the only descendant of his clan who could have lived would also be dead shortly.

"Who's that? How dare you get in here!

Leave now, or you will be dead!"

As soon as Darren got in, an angry martial artist clad in armor walked straight towards him. The man bellowed a warning at him with a spectral voice.

Seeing him approach and the rest of the soldiers behind him starting to move forward as well, Darren just ignored them all. He kept walking further inside as if he hadn't heard anything of the man's warnings. His spiritual sense guided him, and his weapons were ready at bay.

Being ignored as if they were invisible, the soldiers just got even angrier. They charged towards Darren with spears in their hands.

Clash! Clash! Clash!

The spears all burst into dust three inches away from Darren's face. Yet, after a few blinks, the soldiers all fell back, scampered on the ground with blood oozing from their mouths. Without the soldiers' knowledge, Darren let out a powerful spell. However, Darren didn't even release his aura yet, and if he had released his aura, the soldiers would have all burst out dead in the blink of an eye.


We are all at the sixth stage of the Spirit Realm, and we can't even get near him?" exclaimed a bloody soldier.

The severely injured soldiers were all shocked at what happened. They had never encou

ion to the soldier and Darren, many middle-aged men whose eyes reddened in awe, were terrified when they saw what had happened.

"Go! Go away! Get the hell out of here!" A gaunt and shabby older man with grey hair shouted to Darren with tears streaming down his hollow cheeks.

"Chief Elder..." With a surprised tone, Darren mumbled. He could barely recognize the once energetic and robust elder.

"Darren, you fool! Why did you come back? You have to go now!" All the middle-aged men that knew him also got worried. They all gave him a warning.

"What? He's that Darren? Ha! You finally came back for your death after all these years!

Come on, guys! Get him! Whoever catches him gets the reward!"

At the mention of Darren's name, the soldiers charged towards him with the reward on their minds.

But to everyone's surprise, they were only able to run a few steps before their bodies burst into a bloody mist. They died even before they had a chance to get their weapons to attack Darren.

"What the hell?"

All eyes were on Darren this time. Mesmerized and awestruck, they looked at him as if he was a god who could make everyone feel feared and hopeful at the same time.

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