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   Chapter 360 Misfortune In The Chu Clan

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After leaving the Ancient Void Battlefield, Darren headed for the entrance of the ordinary land—the land outside the eight Holy Lands.

Before Darren left, Holy Lord Diana reminded him that he should not massacre cultivators or any common people in the ordinary land. Otherwise, he would be severely punished.

When visiting the ordinary land, cultivators, who were at the Wonder Realm, but had not reached the premium stage of the Wonder Realm, were supervised by the Holy Lords. If they went on a killing spree, they would be hunted and punished by the responsible Holy Lord. Bryan had spoiled his son. That was why his son dared to behave so recklessly.

Cultivators above the premium stage of the Wonder Realm or the Grand Realm needed to be more careful when they were in the ordinary land. If they damaged the land or killed heedlessly, the law enforcement team of grand warriors would punish them.

Darren was almost as strong as a grand warrior. He was so powerful that if he released all his force, he could destroy hundreds of countries in the southern land within a few seconds. If he did so, the law enforcement team of grand warriors would catch and discipline him.

"How strong are the warriors in the law enforcement team? Even a three-star grand warrior could be subdued," murmured Darren. Darren had heard that the law enforcement team of grand warriors would pursue and punish four-star grand warriors if they dared to abuse their power in the Bottom Spiritual World. Their ability to subdue a four-star grand warrior showed how powerful the law enforcement team was!

Anyway, Darren was not too concerned as he was returning to look for his sister and his clan. Since he wasn't going to cause trouble, he didn't need to worry about the rule.

It took Darren two hours to fly to the edge of Lotus Holy Land. Once there, he went to a stone tablet.

Slipping his hand inside a pocket, Darren removed a token and placed it into the stone tablet. In a flash, Darren's figure vanished from the Lotus Holy Land.

"Cool! I haven't been out for a long time!" Darren mumbled. He then flew to a mountain outside the Lotus Holy Land, released his spiritual sense, and perceived the area for thousands of miles. He could see figures of the ordinary martial artists in the region.

'I need to finish this case before I can begin the search for my sister. I also have to deal with Mathew's case. Alas, why are there so many things to do?' Darren wondered. Before leaving the Lotus Holy Land, Holy Lord Diana had told him that Belle's kidnappers d

you are."

Darren's face flushed when he put his hand in his pocket. He had forgotten to carry money! Now, Darren could not pay the stall keeper for the steamed buns.

"I'm sorry, but I seem to have forgotten to bring money. Can I give you this spiritual herb in exchange?" Darren picked a low-level spiritual herb from his Space Ring and offered it to the stall keeper. He was afraid that the stall keeper could not recognize the value of herbs at a higher level.

"Oh, yes, of course. Thank you so much, sir," the stall keeper bowed and thanked Darren. The moment he saw the herb, he identified that the spiritual herb was worth more than ten thousand tael of silver!

Darren smiled lightly and didn't say anything. He then handed the steamed buns to the beggar and left.

The beggar was so famished that he began to devour the steam buns like a starving wolf.

"Well, the affairs of the world change without warning. The Chu Clan once thrived and prospered, but now it has become destitute. Darren is to blame. If he had not gotten into trouble, the Chu Clan would not have become like this."

"I can't agree with you more. Reed is a cultivator at the Spirit Realm. Who expected that he would go mad and become a beggar? It is all because of Darren."

"I heard that the elders of the Chu Clan suffered greater misery, especially the guards of the Martial Skill Library. They preferred to die than be enslaved. Now, they are treated with great cruelty."

Darren, who was about to leave, stopped when he heard the discussion. Fury coursed through him when he heard the conversation.

He turned and walked to the beggar. After he gently smoothed his hair away, Darren saw a familiar face.

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