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   Chapter 359 Fix Things

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"What did you say?" Darren asked after he heard Diana's explanation. He could not believe his ears. Agony coursed through Darren as he processed the news.

"Your sister has been kidnapped," Diana repeated. She had just woken from her coma, and her pale face suggested that she was still weak.

"What happened? Mr. Li told me that you had asked someone to send her away. Hadn't you?" Darren became more and more agitated.

First, Diana nodded, but later, she shook her head and added, "I did ask someone to escort Belle and Cathy to a safe place when Bryan arrived. But soon after, I was informed that they had been captured," she explained.

"This is not good," Darren was very anxious. "Who took them?" he asked.

Despite being extremely tired at this time, Diana tried her best to support herself. She answered weakly, "I am afraid the culprits are the people from the eastern land. And Belle's capture may have something to do with her Primitive Feminine Bloodline."

Hearing this, Darren's heart twisted. He had heard earlier that one of the most powerful groups, the Primitive Feminine Bloodline Clan, had been exterminated. As a sole survivor, Belle must be in great danger.

Darren was distressed by Belle's situation. He wanted to save her, but he didn't know how.

"Darren, thank you for saving me. It is my fault that I wasn't able to protect Belle well," Diana reproached herself.

Once again, Darren felt a sting in his heart. Diana shouldn't be blaming herself. In fact, the whole issue started because of him. It was he who had brought misfortune to Lotus Holy Land. How could he blame Diana?

Thinking of this, Darren knelt before her and said, "It's all my fault, Holy Lord. So many elders got into trouble because of my actions. What's worse, I am the reason why you have suffered tremendously. Now, my sister has been captured. It's all my fault. I'm so sorry."

After recent events, Darren knew that he should take greater responsibility than anyone else. Since Diana was an elder and he respected her a lot, Darren knew that he should kneel before her and make amends.

"Oh, poor boy, stand up," Diana coughed. She held out her hands and tried to lift Darren, but she wasn't strong enough.

"Although I was unconscious, I still had some perception of the outside world. Not only did you defeat Bryan, but your strength is also comparable to that of a grand warrior. How can you degrade yourself by kneeling? Get up," Diana rationalized while pretending to be angry with him. Despite her request, Darren lowered his head and remained silent.

To ease her mind, Darren nodded and stood up. He raised his head and looked at Diana with tear-filled eyes. She had suffered a lot because of him. With a sigh, Darren said, "Holy Lord, I have killed Bryan, that fucking bastard. I have avenged the death of the elders. From now on, I take responsibility for protecting you. If you don't mind, may I call you Aunt? I swear that I will treat you as my aunt."

"Of course, not. You are such an adorable boy

etly waited for his answer.

"You are also my buddy," Darren finally replied as he gazed at the Water Kylin blandly.

"Ha-ha," the Water Kylin laughed. He was so happy that he skipped with joy like a kid. "From now on, master, I will do anything for you."

Then he turned to Finley. "Humph! Finley, did you hear that? Now, I have the same status as you. And, we are well-matched in strength as well. Do you still dare to bully me?" the Water Kylin said proudly. With his head held high, he defiantly glanced at Finley.

"Our strength levels match? Let's fight and see who is stronger," Finley sneered.

"Eh..." the Water Kylin didn't expect Finley to declare war on him. He floated an excuse, "We have a guest today. And if you are beaten to your knees, you'll lose face. We'll fight another time." As soon as he finished, the Water Kylin disappeared from the scene. He knew that he could not defeat Finley yet.

A faint smile danced on everyone's lips as they watched the Water Kylin escape.

Then Darren said to Finley, "Aunt Diana will live here for a while. I need you to take care of her."

"No problem. She's in good hands." Immediately after that, Finley sensed something strange. "There seems to be a rule cultivator's force in Aunt Diana's body. Did I sense that correctly?" he asked, frowning.

"Yes, there is. Do you know how to get rid of it?" Darren asked. Delight reflected in his expression as hopes of helping Diana rose.

"I'm not sure if I can help, and the process of getting it out would cause significant pain. Why don't you ask the defender in the tenth space for help?" Finley suggested.

"Oh! How could I forget him? Please follow me, Aunt Diana. We will go and find him," Darren exclaimed. Then he took Diana and flew to find the fishing boy in the tenth space.

As it turned out, Darren was not disappointed. The boy cured Diana in an instant!

After Diana recovered, Darren stayed in the Ancient Void Battlefield for a few more days. He left only when everything was fixed.

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