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   Chapter 358 A Satisfactory Settlement

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"Darren, what are you doing?" the Grand Blood Refiner asked in confusion, his expression extremely displeased as he stared at Darren's kneeling figure. Before he realized what had happened, Shane and the other grand warriors came to hold Darren up.

"Darren. Why did you do that? Don't you see me as your brother? Don't do that again, or I will slap you in the face," the Grand Blood Refiner said seriously as he hurriedly reached out to hold Darren up. He knew well Darren's action just now was to protect him. He was saddened at the fact that Darren felt the need to do that.

"Yeah. Darren, why did you do that? We are like brothers now. Brothers would always beat and scold each other. In this way, our relationship will get closer. Don't do that again," Chad added solemnly once he had recovered. They were all startled at Darren's actions.

"I see." Darren nodded in understanding. He flashed them a light smile as he stood up.

Soon, harmonious and comfortable atmosphere returned. The Grand Blood Refiner also let the displeasure go as he relaxed his shoulders. Next, they should go to deal with Gerald.

The injury in Gerald's private part wasn't fatal. The real thing that made him motionless was the genuine force left in his body by Elder Sky, for which he was overwhelmed with great pain.

"Ann, you can do it first," Darren offered. Since he regarded the other male grand warriors as his brothers, naturally, he saw Ann as his sister.

Ann nodded, walking over to Gerald with her eyes burning with extreme rage.


The loud sound thundered as she kicked Gerald's private part violently. It was dripping with his sickening blood. Ann yelled so loudly as she insulted him, "You bastard, who on earth is dirty? Your mother is the dirty one! You shameless thing!"

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Then, Ann continuously kicked his private part for hundreds of times without stopping to lessen the indignation that settled in her heavy heart.

If Darren's friends hadn't come in time and successfully helped them win, she would have been utterly disgraced and humiliated by Gerald. Her heart filled with anxiety and disgust as she remembered this disgusting detail. The panic and fear she felt never left her, even after the battle.

"Please let me go. I'll give you whatever you want," Gerald begged for mercy, his breathing ragged and slow. He lay on the ground pitifully, as he was on the brink of his death.

"Ha-ha!" Chad laughed sarcastically as if he had just heard a joke. The hate in his eyes was like sharp daggers shooting towards Gerald.

"Let you go? You beast, you killed so many of Darren's seniors and attempted to torture us. How could I keep you alive?" one of the grand warriors yelled as he rushed to Gerald and hit him fiercely.

Instantly, the rest of the people came forth with a rush, applying all the means they had to torture Gerald.

Only Scott stood still, releasing a cold aura.

"Scott, how about your arms?" Darren a

he sky as the cool wind hit his chiseled face.

He sat on the wild land for two hours taking in the cool breeze. At last, in order to get rid of his personal matters and feelings, he decided to fly back to the Lotus Holy Land.

Before Chad left, he told Darren where the hideout of the Holy Lord of the Lotus Holy Land was, so he was able to locate Diana easily. Unfortunately, she was still in a coma.

He determinedly carried Diana to a wrecked hall and took all the magic herbs he had to cure her terrible wounds.

Her wounds recovered quickly, but the powerful force of the rule cultivator still remained in her body and Darren couldn't wipe it out so easily.

"Damn the rule cultivator in purple. It's you again. I swear I will kill you!"

Darren cried, his eyes glistering with unspeakable wrath. The rule cultivator in purple now was as detestable as Bryan for Darren. He would never let him off so easily.

However, Darren couldn't take the plunge, because at the top floor of the Medicine Pavilion, a dreadfully powerful rule cultivator stood guard so that Darren could not dare to arbitrarily break into it. With that, he could only find an opportunity to induce the rule cultivator in purple out and kill him out of the Medicine Pavilion.

The power of the rule cultivator was unnatural and strong. Once he was induced, Darren planned to call the Water Kylin out in order to successfully slaughter him as well as to avoid any trouble later on.

Once he got out of that mess, Darren continued to cure wounds for the Holy Lord of the Lotus Holy land. Even though he couldn't fully healed her in all totality, he should at least let her come around.

After half a month's significant effort, Darren finally achieved that goal.

However, when Diana woke up, she was panic-stricken, her eyes filled with great fear and anxiety. Once she recognized the man who had saved her was Darren, she said something scary and ominous to him that chilled him to his bones.

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