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   Chapter 357 Recognizing The Grand Blood Refiner

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Elder Sky glanced at the Grand Blood Refiner for a few seconds. Suspicion flashed through his eyes but it disappeared as fast as it occurred. Then, he looked back at Darren.

"Young man, I heard that you even beat Shane. You are indeed a talent." Elder Sky examined Darren carefully and detected that he was only at the primary stage of the Wonder Realm. He couldn't help but be astonished. However, because of his status, he didn't show his emotion on his face. He stared back at Darren neutrally.

Of course Dylan, the supreme trainer of the Heavenly Palace Sect, was also very surprised.

They were two-star grand warriors at the top level who had lived for over hundreds of years. Never had they seen someone at the primary stage of the Wonder Realm like Darren.

"You are a good one, Darren. My disciples are quite lucky to know you," Dylan praised with a smile on his face. He patted Darren softly on the back.

"I'm the lucky one to meet them. I can only say that it is fate that brought us together. Thank you very much for what you did today." Darren bowed respectfully to them once again.

"Don't mention it. It's not a big deal." Then he rose up and gave him a gentle smile. "I heard that you also know Elder Star. Come visit if you have time. Here. It's the token of our Heavenly Palace Sect. You can get in freely with it." Dylan handed over a token to Darren to which he didn't refuse. He received it in his hands gratefully.

Even though Elder Star was not a grand warrior, he held a very high place in the sect. So when Dylan mentioned his name, he sounded respectful.

"Thank you, Sir. I will definitely take up your offer and visit you one day." Darren expressed his gratitude and nodded his head.

"All right. We won't disturb you anymore. I'm going for a walk with Elder Sky. You guys go ahead and do your own thing." With these words, Dylan turned to Elder Sky and motioned for him to go with him. Elder Sky responded in agreement, and they were about to leave when suddenly, he exclaimed, "Wait a minute!" Elder Sky halted, his gaze falling on the Grand Blood Refiner again.

"You look so familiar, and there is also a strong murderous intent on you. If what I think is right, you are him!" he blurted out. His gaze was like a sharp knife that could pierce through everything. He stared at the Grand Blood Refiner with a clear look of recognition on his face.

"Haha! Who do you mean by 'him'?" The Grand Blood Refiner laughed mockingly, and pretended not to know what he meant.

"Are you really asking me this, Grand Blood Refiner?" Elder Sky threatened as he glared at the Grand Blood Refiner with stone cold eyes. He pursed his lips and put his hands behind his back.

'Damn it!' Darren's heart dropped all of a sudden. The Grand Blood Refiner was a famous demon for over hundreds years. Now that Elder Sky had recognized him, he would never let them go easily t

ink that maybe there was indeed some misunderstanding.

"To be honest, you are my elder. If you can really prove that you were framed, of course I will come and apologize to you. I will let you off easily this time for Darren's sake. Many people have told me that he is an honest young man. I believe him,"

Elder Sky said, then turned to Darren and added, "Because you insist that the Grand Blood Refiner was framed, Darren, I won't fight him today. But you have to know that you will be responsible for the consequences if it turns out that he has been lying to get all his strength back."

The message was clear as day. If the Grand Blood Refiner was truly framed, Elder Sky would humbly apologize to him for his mistake. But if he was really a blood-thirsty demon who was going to kill more people, then Darren would probably take responsibility for it and make amends with his life.

"Don't worry, Sir. I don't think I believed in the wrong guy. I will do my best to help him get his strength back and find the person who framed him. Everything will be clear then, so will his name!" Darren promised confidently as he stared at them with great determination.

"I hope so." To be honest, Elder Sky didn't fully believe his words. But now that Darren promised so honestly to him, he didn't want to put the Grand Blood Refiner on the spot anymore.

Then he turned and said to Dylan, "Please take me to your Heavenly Palace Sect, Dylan. We will pay a visit to the master."

"Okay, Sir. Let's go." Dylan disregarded the Grand Blood Refiner. He said a few words to the supreme disciples and left with Elder Sky.

The people that Shane and Tab had brought also left after them. Soon after, the only people who were left were those familiar with Darren.


Darren dropped to one knee before the Grand Blood Refiner all of a sudden and opened his mouth, "I'm sorry that I slapped you in front all those people today!"

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