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   Chapter 356 The Ending Of The Battle (Part Two)

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"You bastards from the eastern land, you'd better take your own lives. Otherwise, once the elder sentences you to death, you won't have a decent one!" letting all his sentiments out, Shane howled as he flew to midair. He had already arranged the affairs on the ground, and now he would deal with issues above the sky to end the arguments sooner than the opponents were expecting.

"Who do you think you are? If not for the two old grand warriors, I can kill you in just a blink of an eye!" vexed at the arrogant show of attitude by Shane, Ethan growled, turning red with anger at Shane's vehement words.

"How dare you behave so arrogant and proud?" the elder from the Chasm Clan shouted as he launched thousands of palm shadows towards Ethan.

Sensing the inevitable danger, Stark and Ethan turned pale all of a sudden. As a knee-jerk action, they released mighty domains to confront the palm shadows.

Not to cause too much devastation to the land, the elder drove Stark and Ethan with his power. There in the arena, the elder fought with them.

The loud booms and bangs resounded through heaven and earth. On the arena, they were locked in a fierce struggle. To Darren's surprise, the elder alone came through amidst the confrontations of Stark and Ethan—unscratched and unharmed.

"Humph. You are just gangsters! Such babies!" the elder snorted, shooting a purple, golden magical spear. Soon enough, an amaranth force exploded across the space, creating many black cracks.

After an hour, Stark and Ethan were driven backwards. The two of them couldn't match the old man's skills, least withstand his attacks.

"Ethan, we'd better go now. The elder alone is too powerful for us to handle, and there are so many other grand warriors waiting in line. If we don'


"Okay. After all, I haven't gone out for a long time. Perhaps a stroll to the Heavenly Palace Sect would do me no harm. But before that, I want you to meet the genius. I think you would be excited to know him," Elder Sky said while leading Dylan Lin towards Darren's direction.

"Ha-ha. You are right. I came here to meet him personally. In fact, Darren and some of my disciples are friends. They asked me to come here to help him. I never thought that I would meet you here. The trip has been well worthwhile. Let's go and meet him," Dylan laughed.

With that, they both flew over to where Darren was standing.

"Sirs, nice to meet you. I'm Darren," welcoming them as they approached, Darren said with respect, making a deep bow to Dylan and Elder Sky.

Appreciating such respect from a well-known warrior, Dylan and Elder Sky both nodded slightly, casting admiring glances at Darren.

The atmosphere was filled with an overflowing sense of gratitude and respect among warriors as they exchanged thanks and salutes. However, when Elder Sky looked around, and his eyes rested on the Grand Blood Refiner, his eyebrows were immediately etched into a furrowed crease.

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