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   Chapter 355 The Ending Of The Battle (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-12-05 01:51

"Eh?" Both Stark and Ethan raised their head to follow the gleam of light that etched across the celestial sphere. The spectators were all shocked at the overwhelming momentum that lit up the sky, accompanied by surging outbursts of unchartered energies.


Breaking the eerie silence, an old man lurched in the air and gave out a mighty legendary martial skill. He focused all his strength to hit Gerald's crotch.


Without missing the target, injured flesh and blood materialized in between Gerald's legs. Parts of his loins fulminated in every direction, creating a grotesque ambience over the place.

At that moment, Ann finally sighed a relief with a non-stop flow of tears. To her disgust, just now Gerald's penis was just a few inches away from her. She wished the ground could swallow her alive because her face was scarlet red with shame.

As an outcome of what had happened to him, Gerald collapsed and hollered in pain on the ground. His legs were trembling while blood continued to gush out of the wound.

"Who did that?! Tell me who did that so I can make him suffer the same fate," Stark shouted furiously, shooting another palm shadow to the sky. He was showing off his sharp skills and was putting up a dare to those who would want to challenge him. In the intervening period, taking advantage of the distraction, Ethan flew over to Gerald and released a domain to protect him and somehow conceal his aura from the old man.

"How dare you bastards from the eastern land! How dare you defy our warriors and act wildly in the southern land? Don't try to run now! We will take our revenge upon you," a middle-aged man bellowed. The loud sound shook Stark, causing him to take a few steps backward in retreat.

Given the present circumstances, Stark and Ethan were aware of the skills and capabilities of the people

incerest voice, Darren said. He bowed and saluted the men to whom he was very thankful. Without them, he and the grand warriors with him would have already died.

At present, Darren regretted that he had consumed his force of control to open the Ancient Void Battlefield a few days ago. Otherwise, he could transmit Gerald and the grand warriors with him to the Ancient Void Battlefield. If in any case, he had succeeded in doing so, Finley could have killed all of them using only one of his palms!

'I shouldn't have opted to open and use the Ancient Void Battlefield until the emergent situation commenced, ' filled with regrets, Darren thought in his heart.

"Well. Darren, let's save the chit chat after we are done with the bastards. What's important right now is to save and cure your friends," preparing himself to attack, Shane reminded Darren.

"Yes, let's do that. Thank you so much." Agreeing to what Shane had said, Darren nodded.

With that, one-star grand warriors initiated an aura to cure the wounds inflicted upon Scott, Chad and the other grand warriors who were severely injured. Since some grand warriors, including the Grand Blood Refiner, were still conscious, thus they cured their wounds themselves.

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