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   Chapter 354 Two-star Grand Warriors (Part Two)

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But Darren's face was filled with bitterness. He was so sad that he could not speak any word.

"You're tough, men. In that case, I should let every one of you die in despair!" A cold ruthless smile emerged on Gerald's face. He raised high one of his legs and stamped on another grand warrior's legs with all his might. They all heard a loud crack as his bones shattered from the impact.

All the grand warriors on Darren's side could do nothing but to see this crazy beast torture their friend without mercy. The sense of helplessness stung their hearts to the extreme. In spite of all the pain they felt in their hearts, however, none of them showed any trace of it on their faces nor was there any feeling of regret.

"That's good of you! It seems you all are not sensitive to pain. Then I have to choose another way!"

Gerald passed through several male grand warriors and walked to the only female grand warrior in them. His lips curled to flash a lascivious smile at her.

"Thank you very much, Stark and Ethan. I would have been dead if you hadn't come here in time. What do you think about this female grand warrior? Hot, isn't she? What about you both have a good time with her one after another?" Gerald glanced at this female grand warrior up and down lustfully.

"Ann!" Chad stared at her with great shock, his eyes full of worry and concern. It seemed the thing he feared the most would happen soon.

But Ann, instead of flying into a rage, licked her lips and said, "Come on, you cowards! I wonder whether you can hold on for a total of three hundred times. Do you have the guts to try me? I'm afraid you cannot persist that long!"

Ann imitated a lewd woman, which made her look


"Why not? This bitch doesn't feel bashful at all. I'm much more brazen than her! Just watch, dude!" Gerald started to take off Ann's clothes as soon as he finished speaking.

"Fuck you, you fucking asshole!' The grand warriors still conscious on Darren's side closed their eyes at such a scene. None of them was willing to see such a despicable and humiliating thing happening under their noses. A feeling of extreme sadness overwhelmed them. They were in great despair, and there was nothing they could do about it.

The agony in Darren's heart was so much that it had already numbed his senses. He had lost the ability to speak.

"You shameful beast! I'll smash your dirty balls today!"

In midst of everyone's despair, several stalwart figures appeared from nowhere all of a sudden. The very moment after they had landed from the air, the majority part of the sky was blocked by several enormous powerful domains.

Darren spotted a familiar face among the crowd. In such a desperate situation, he wasn't sure they would be able to do anything. But now, his face lit up, and there was a glimmer of hope in his eyes.

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