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   Chapter 353 Two-star Grand Warriors (Part One)

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"How dare you threaten me?" warned Ethan, anger flashing across his eyes. He was a very irritable guy. Without hesitation, he waved his hand in an attempt to slap the Grand Blood Refiner upon hearing the latter's words. But Stark, who was clad in a blue robe and stood by Ethan's side, took a firm hold of his arm and stopped him in time.

"Don't take rash actions, Ethan. If you push them too much, they might kill Gerald. What are we going to do then if that happens?" said Stark calmly as he continued to grip Ethan's arm.

"You know me, Gerald. I hate to be threatened. I must kill anybody who threatens me. So if they really kill you, I swear to avenge for you!"


Ethan's absurd words apparently irritated Gerald very much that he was lost for words. He was so enraged that the veins in his head looked like it was about to pop. Immediately, he puked a mouthful of blood.

The Grand Blood Refiner's hand felt a dramatic throb in Gerald's heart as it was placed exactly upon the latter's chest. Gerald seemed very angry and frustrated at this friend of his.

"Ethan, you asshole. If I die here because of you, I will never forgive you. My ghost will come to you and drink every drop of your blood. Let them go, you idiot!" exclaimed Gerald desperately with the last share of his strength.

"Bullshit! You'll die because of me? You're the most stupid and useless warrior in the world. As a two-star grand warrior, you lost your battle to several one-star grand warriors. Shame on you!" Ethan degraded, his eyes glared with fiery wrath.

Hearing this hot-tempered warrior's words, Darren and his companions began to feel worried about the current situation. It seemed this so-called friend of Gerald didn't care too much about Gerald's life. They would be in great trouble if th

e suffering of their friend. They could feel their wrath in their bones as they witnessed the horrifying scene. The air was filled with the tangy smell of blood as it oozed out from the bloody wound at a fast rate.

Darren's face had turned pale and his heart ached. He felt a twitch in his nose as he was on the brink of crying.

"Scott, Grand Blood Refiner, Chad, Brian... I'm very sorry. This is all because of me. I brought you to this great trouble and miserable suffering. I'm the one to be blamed!" exclaimed Darren apologetically He felt the lessening of the fettering force on him. He knelt down before his friends as soon as he could move his body. He needed to apologize for his wrong decision.

"Don't be so silly, dude. We just had a bad luck today. The price is worthwhile as we have almost killed that freaky two-star grand warrior, right?" said the Grand Blood Refiner with a relaxed attitude. He smiled reassuringly at Darren.

"Yes! We've beaten Gerald heavily. Haven't you seen how pathetic he was a moment ago? A dying wild dog! My reputation will last even if I die here today!" exclaimed Brian with bloodshot eyes. It seemed that they had no regrets with their decision.

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