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   Chapter 352 Heated Battle

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After shattering the domain of that grand warrior, Darren swooped in and began to kick him until every inch of his bone was broken. It was a terrifying moment as the scene was filled with loud thuds and grunts along with the continuous sounds of bones cracking.

That grand warrior, after taking an hour's beating, finally lost all his strength and fell from the sky.

Darren stomped on his face. "Do you really think that you can do whatever you want just because you are now at the Grand Realm? Aren't you going to kill me? How's that now? I am right here!"

That grand warrior did not have the strength to move a muscle now, and Darren's sarcasm only added more fuel to his deteriorating condition. Feeling frail and humiliated, the grand warrior could not take it anymore and passed out.

Darren cast the grand warrior aside and walked briskly towards Bryan, who was now paralyzed.

Bryan's pale lips were shaking involuntarily when he saw Darren approach him like the embodiment of death. His pulse quickened and his breaths became short. Suddenly, Bryan began to vomit gall out of fear.

"Bryan!" Darren's voice was like a thunder rendering Bryan disorientated. His mouth tasted like crap because of his vomit and there was a huge weight settling on his chest.

"You have killed so many elders from the Holy Lands. Now it is time to pay for what you have done!" Darren glared at him with sword pressed against Bryan's throat. He loomed over him like a warrior about to sentence this man to death. The air was filled with an ominous aura as they looked at each other.

"Ha-ha!" Bryan knew that he was going to die. He suddenly looked relaxed, as if he had accepted his fate and was no longer afraid of anything. "You win, and I lose. I am at your mercy. So stop acting like you are on the side of righteousness and justice. You killed my two sons first. Am I just going to let it slide instead of seeking revenge from you? Of course I will do the same to you! I want you to suffer the same way that I have!" he roared in indignation.

"You sons deserved what they got! And you are the one who should be responsible for their death!" Darren stared at Bryan coldly. "Your older son came to the Ilmen Sect and with the help of his warriors of the Wonder Realm, took people's life for fun. Doesn't a cruel animal like your son deserve to die? I have reason to believe that you are the reason for his perverted and cruel personality!

And your fat younger son was no better than his brother. He took prisoners of innocent people and made them kill each other for his amusement. And you! You were turning a blind eye to this unspeakable and monstrous action. You are the reason that they are dead!"

Bryan could only respond with a bitter smile because he knew that Darren was telling the truth. There was no denying that his sons had indeed done those terrible things.

"I am sick of talking to you. Now it's time for you to reunite with your sons!" With that being said, Darren held up his sword an

ipotent Talent Skill!" Seeing that Gerald could no longer hold himself, Scott once again assembled all his power which was a hundred times stronger than before. At the same time, he activated the domain skill.


Once again, Scott used his power to attack Gerald. This time, he struck out his palm on Gerald and blasted a hole in his abdomen. Gerald gathered all his remaining energy to counterattack and smashed Scott's right arm into pieces.

The Grand Blood Refiner and Chad immediately swooped in and blasted away Gerald while using their domains to restrict his movements.

Gerald could no longer pull himself together and had no more energy to defend himself from any attack. He was far too beaten and exhausted from all the hits he took and the energy he used to fight back. The Grand Blood Refiner then stabbed his palm into his chest and grabbed his heart!

Scott, due to the exertion and the heavy wounds sustained during the battle, fell from the sky and crashed right next to Darren with a loud thud.

The Grand Blood Refiner, with his hand clutching at Gerald's chest, also landed right next to Darren along with Chad and the other grand warriors.

"Shit!" The two two-star grand warriors cursed in the middle of the air at this scene. They were just messing around with Gerald yet those one-star grand warriors took advantage of this situation and nearly beaten Gerald to death. What was worse was that they just got his heart! Immediately, they approached them for vengeance.

"Release Gerald now! Or all of you will feel the wrath of my power!" Ethan flew closer with the pressure of a mountain!

"Stop! One step forward, and I will crush his heart! Now get away from us!" the Grand Blood Refiner warned. His face looked dead serious and he did not even flinch at the presence of Ethan, who was a two-star grand warrior. His eyes were full of determination as he clutched the heart in a threatening manner. After all, he had once been a three-star grand warrior at the top level!

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