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   Chapter 351 Fight Alone With A Grand Warrior (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-12-04 00:12

Darren had already noticed the withdrawal of the grand warrior from the battle arena. He concealed himself and hastily flew towards them, trying to get as little attention as he could. He was afraid that Bryan might escape in secret.

He followed the grand warrior for a few miles. After they had reached ten miles, he then suddenly accelerated his speed, overtaking the grand warrior and blocking his way.

"Who said that you could run away?" Darren glowered icily at the two. His stance oozed with such a mighty aura, denoting that he was prepared for an intense fight.

"You bastard! How dare you follow me! All right then, since you're here, I don't have to go through the trouble of finding you. I'll kill you right here and now!"

The grand warrior had already fought Darren previously, but was forced to retreat from the latter's violent attacks due to his own carelessness. He had been so furious and wanted to get back at Darren, but never had the opportunity to do so since the boy was guarded by many grand warriors. The grand warrior could not help being crazy with elation—now was his chance and he would not want to miss it.

"Shame on you! Do you think you can kill me with your shabby skills?" sneered Darren at the grand warrior.

The grand warrior was badly injured during the last fight and was unable to use his domain skills. His current strength was much lower than what a true grand warrior should possess. He was now much weaker in certain areas, therefore, Darren had very little reason to fear him.

"You're asking for trouble, you son of a bitch! Do you think you can defeat me? I know you have some special skills, but they're nothing against

olive-black forces. They all darted towards the grand warrior's domain like black arrows flying through the air.

"You're still using this skill? Go to hell!" The grand warrior waved his hand to form numerous purple palms in the sky, which then sped down towards Darren one after another.

The earth rumbled as the attacks hit the ground.

Sand and stone clouded the whole area.

A few moments later, rays of dark gold internal force emerged from the dust-covered ground and soared towards the sky, resembling pillars from a far distance.

"How is this possible? The force is so powerful!" exclaimed the grand warrior in despair amid the sand and dust. He saw with his own eyes how his domain was broken and shattered under the attacks of the terrifying power that could have destroyed everything between heaven and earth. There was no denying that this dark gold force was much more powerful and terrifying than the olive-black force.

The severely injured Bryan lay on the ground a few distances away from the scene, watching in sheer terror. Too weak to flee, he could not do anything but tremble in fear.

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