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   Chapter 350 Fight Alone With A Grand Warrior (Part One)

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The warriors from both sides were suspended in mid-air as they engaged in the fierce battle. The fight had started to move all the way towards the south, so Darren flew after them towards that direction as well.

Gerald continued to guard Bryan, protecting him with all his might. Even when he had been surrounded by several enemies, protecting Bryan was still his top priority. No one knew what precious treasures Bryan had promised him to make him so exceedingly loyal to the Holy Lord. Darren was burning with his desperate desire of killing Bryan, but he had no chance to do so if Gerald and the other guardians would not leave Bryan unguarded for even just one tiny second.

Besieged by so many one-star grand warriors, Gerald was suppressed to fight back—he could only protect himself at this critical moment. Such great pressure had almost driven him to the point of going insane. While warding off a dangerous attack from one of his enemies, Gerald hurriedly took a bead from the pocket on his chest and sent a message through his spiritual sense.

"Help me! Stark! Ethan! I need your help!" The message was sent to the bead in just a breath's time.

"What's happening, Gerald? Are you in trouble? Who dares bother you?" A voice produced by spiritual sense immediately responded from the bead.

"It's a gang of disgusting one-star grand warriors! I need your help immediately!"

"What?" A fit of laughter was heard from the bead. Then the voice continued, "You're such a weakling, Gerald! You're asking for help just because you're being attacked by a group of one-star grand warriors?"

"Stop talking nonsense, buddies! They're too relentless! Come help me as soon as possible!" Gerald was furious, but he felt apprehensive at the same time. The situation had gotten so out of hand that he could not

d warriors tried every possible means in their arsenal to crush their enemies, as brutal and merciless as their skills allowed. The earth violently shook under their feet. It was a good thing that the old battle arena was shrouded in a strong restriction power—it still seemed quite solid in spite of the warriors' violent attacks. If it were any other ordinary battle ring, it would have collapsed by now.

The intensity of the fight was too much for Darren to stand that he had to withdraw and keep his distance from the battle arena for a while.

A few moments later, a grand warrior withdrew from the battle arena as well, carrying the weakened Bryan in his arms. The force from the battle arena was much beyond his ability to bear.

If Scott and the other grand warriors on Darren's side had intended to kill Bryan, they could have easily done so. However, killing Bryan was Darren's responsibility—he had to do it in person. So, instead of killing Bryan directly, Scott and the other grand warriors chose to jointly go against Gerald. The fact that they had fought a two-star grand warrior together was enough to thrill them. After all, every warrior dreamed of meeting a strong and worthy opponent.

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