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   Chapter 349 The First Round Of The Battle

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The domain Scott released was different from those of the other grand warriors. The overbearing momentum, like pressure from a real dragon, shocked everyone.

As a one-star grand warrior, it was striking for Scott to demonstrate such a powerful suppression. Even the Grand Blood Refiner had to acknowledge Scott's superiority.

In the meantime, Gerald cracked the golden magic whip and assaulted Scott. However, Scott maintained a cold and arrogant demeanor despite the oncoming attack.

"The Genuine Dragon Strike!" Scott said coldly when he saw the golden whip.

In an instant, a huge cyan dragon shadow danced in Scott's domain.


Heaven and earth seemed to collapse as the huge cyan dragon shadow, and the golden whip attacked one another.

At the moment, all the grand warriors were startled as Scott's power was far beyond their expectations.

"No one-star grand warrior can rival him alone. Scott, a grand warrior from the Dragon Blood Clan, is remarkable for being able to do so," Chad praised. The other grand warriors standing beside him nodded in agreement.

"Scott's abilities are truly surprising. As a one-star grand warrior, he dares to fight against the two-star grand warrior. He is a rare genius in this world!" The Grand Blood Refiner nodded. He admitted that if he confronted Gerald, he wouldn't be so composed. What was more, he wouldn't be able to deal with Gerald's attacks as calmly as Scott had. This was astounding as the Grand Blood Refiner used to be a three-star grand warrior!

It could not be denied that Scott's power was formidable!

Gerald cracked the golden whip at Scott repeatedly. However, even after a few rounds, he didn't gain any advantage. Humiliated, Gerald flew into a fit of rage.

At present, he and Scott were in a deadlock. This was embarrassing for Gerald as Scott was just a one-star grand warrior. Though angry, he realized the fearless style of the Dragon Blood Clan! More than that, with his power, Gerald could easily perceive that Scott hadn't used his complete strength.

"Damn it. How dare a one-star rubbish talent contend with me? Go to hell!" Gerald grumbled. After a quick shake of his hand, the golden whip was divided into ten thousand sections.

Immediately, the ten thousand golden whip shadows, each of which was endowed with unmatched power, headed for Scott.

"Scott, we will help you!"

Chad shouted. Having sensed the mighty power of the golden whip shadows, the seven grand warriors, including Chad, prepared to fight against Gerald.

"No, I can handle him alone!"

However, Scott stopped the other grand warriors before they could intervene. Very soon, Scott, who was dressed in a white robe, produced thirty-two avatars. Each owned ninety percent of Scott's power.

"Ah! Didn't Darren use this skill once?!"

d gasped with astonishment. They did not dare to move.

"I don't care how you fight against each other, but if you influence the forbidden area once more, I will kill you all! Go away!"

the old voice yelled with fury. The roar unbalanced the grand warriors, who were levitating mid-air. Although they remained suspended, they suffered from internal injuries.

"We apologize. This is entirely our fault,"

the grand warriors cried out in unison as they bowed to the forbidden area.

"There is an arena one thousand and three hundred miles south from here. Go and fight there! I don't mind if all you die!" the old voice stated. Then, the strong aura disappeared.

Shortly after, Scott, the Grand Blood Refiner, and the seven grand warriors flew past the ruins of the square and landed beside Darren.

"Darren, what do you think?" Scott frowned and asked.

"I can't kill Bryan unless his supporters are dead. So, the battle must continue!" Darren asserted firmly after glaring at Gerald and the other three one-star grand warriors.

"Well. It will be as you said. We will wage a life-and-death struggle with them today!" the Grand Blood Refiner growled in excitement.

"You, a two-star grand warrior, are not a big deal. Let's fight on the arena that is one thousand and three hundred miles south from here. We will chop off your head there!" Chad shouted as complex emotions surged through him. The other grand warriors' morale surged high after hearing Chad's words.

With this agreement, the grand warriors, including Chad and the Grand Blood Refiner, flew higher in the sky. They directed their power to strike Gerald and his men while forcing them to the south.

"You arrogant bastards, I swear I will kill you all!" Gerald bellowed, and the veins on his forehead twitched with the embarrassment of being attacked by a group of one-star grand warriors.

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