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   Chapter 348 The Battle Of The Grand Warriors Had Commenced

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"How dare you!" Chad and his men shouted all together while he, unleashing his full energy with the rest of them, set to prepare the Seven Stars Slaughtering Array. They were confident that with their array they could at least save Darren if they were unable to defeat the two-star grand warrior.

"Then I shall have all of you killed! Take them down!" Gerald, oozing with cold murderous intent, commanded the three one-star grand warriors.

"Shit! He's got help! If they defeat even just one of us, our array will fall. This will be a tough battle!"

"Before you dare make a move against Darren, you will have to go through me!" At that moment, a more intense killing aura swept through the entire square. Although its energy was still no match against that of Gerald's, it was not too far behind.

The Grand Blood Refiner was only at the top level of a one-star grand warrior, but he still stood a chance against Gerald given his combat experience and his technique—as was expected from someone who was once a three-star grand warrior.

"There's another one?" The three grand warriors standing next to Gerald suddenly tensed up as they sensed the new comer's surprisingly strong killing aura.

All twelve grand warriors then unleashed their powerful energy forces, causing the place to become an unbearable hell for any ordinary person.

Darren would have been crushed if it weren't for the protective energy field created by the grand warriors. After all, it was the extremely powerful grand warriors who had unleashed the energy forces.

The energy forces affected such a large area that strong warriors from thousands of miles away were still able to sense it. The news had gotten out that the battle among grand warriors was about to take place, making the Holy Lords rush over from the different Holy Lands.

The several warriors at the supreme stage of the Wonder Realm who were already at the location of the fight were gathered hundreds miles above the battlefield to avoid being caught in the violent confrontation.

Holy Lord Landon was also here, watching from afar.

"H-holy Lord, that y-young man..." stuttered out the elder beside Holy Lord Landon, at a loss for words at the tremendous power he felt.

"Damn it! I can't believe that the young man has so many grand warriors on his side! They're an almost equal match against Bryan's supporters!" exclaimed Holy Lord Landon, fists clenching in anger. Green lightning flashed around him as his fury grew.


ood Refiner did not mind it at all.

Chad and his men came down after hearing Darren calling the two powerful grand warriors his brothers.

"Hey, spare me with terms like distinguished—that's too much! You're also our friends and your power is way more powerful than any single one of ours. You can call us brothers too, if you'd like," Chad told Darren, with the other grand warriors nodding in approval.

Darren's strength was already close to that of a grand warrior. Aside from that, he was also at the same status as Scott and the Grand Blood Refiner, so it would indeed be too much for Chad if Darren called them distinguished.

"If that's the case, I accept it graciously, Cha— Chad, my brother Chad!" Without saying any more words, Darren saluted the grand warriors. "I'm counting on your help today. Please help me kill the Blade Holy Lord!"

As these grand warriors did not block out the senses of the onlookers from afar, they were able to hear the conversation between Darren and the grand warriors clearly with their spiritual sense. Every single one of their faces turned red in envy.

"No problem! We'll give it all that we have so you can kill Bryan today!"

Gerald was infuriated by their conversation. Those nine one-star grand warriors thought of him as nothing.

"Die! All of you!" Gerald's golden chain swooped in like lightning with a force that was powerful enough for the destruction of the whole world.

Scott, who was closest to him, instantly unleashed his domain, sending out a dragon's horrifying roar that echoed all throughout the land.

With the roar of a dragon, the battle of the grand warriors had commenced.

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