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   Chapter 347 I Must Kill Him (Part Two)

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"How dare you say that?!" the two-star grand warrior yelled loudly. The sound almost deafened the ears of the people present. Then he stepped forward and said coldly, "Who are you vagrant champion? How dare you interfere with our fight? Yet, considering your hard-earned cultivation base, I will let you off this time. However, if you insist on helping that lad, I won't mind wiping you out!"

"Oh! Is that a threat? I know you are a two-star grand warrior, but you are too boastful! Are you sure you can do that?" Brian You taunted, challenging and triggering anger out of the two-star grand warrior.

On that occasion, out of nowhere, six robust-looking figures suddenly landed between the battling warriors, each of them possessing the aura of a grand warrior.

"They are the seven grand warriors in Talent City!" one of the grand warriors on the Blade Holy Lord's side said as he recognized Chad and the other six grand warriors.

Then the grand warrior whispered to the two-star grand warrior named Gerald, "Lord Gerald, they come from the Talent City, and they have a good relationship with the Lord of Void at the Grand Void Manor. I heard that if they formed an array, their power could be enhanced to a higher realm, which made them such opponents that were not easy to deal with."

Though the seven grand warriors always fought over some small affairs within their group, their bond was reliable and remarkable at the same time. Otherwise, they wouldn't come here together to Darren's aid.

"How could I be shaken by the lowly grand warriors inferior to me? If they are too annoyed, I will wipe them all out. I don't care whether they will form an array or not. Humph!" Gerald snorted, not showing any sign of fear or doubt facing

ing for Gerald's mercy. His manner was quite like his sons.

"Damn it. I say once again. Bryan must go with us. If anyone dare stop us, don't blame me for being rude, but a blood bath would commence!"

Gerald laid his cards out. As a two-star grand warrior, retreating from a battle was such a shameful thing. However, Darren was still unwilling to let them go. This had almost touched the bottom line of what he could take.

"No way. I must kill Bryan," the determined Darren asserted and persisted coldly, taking no consideration of Gerald's status.

"Well, well! Then I guess we have to do it the hard way," eyeing Darren with a malicious rage this time, Gerald said as his face turned dark. He couldn't tolerate that such a weak man could be so arrogant. Regardless of the Lord of Void, he was about to burst out his powerful momentum.

"You are courting death. You bastard, don't blame me!" as rage brewed inside of him, Gerald thundered. His voice resounded in everyone's ears. At that moment, the temperature of the air in the Lotus Holy Land dropped to the freezing point that everyone, even Darren, felt unusual chills creeping on their bodies.

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