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   Chapter 346 I Must Kill Him (Part One)

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Cognizant to the domain skill released by Darren and being fully aware of how compelling the murderous intent was, Bryan was taken aback, and he immediately turned pale. In the back of his mind, he panicked as he thought of ways how to counter-attack the domain skill.

"Ah! I will kill you!" sensing the inevitable trouble, Bryan howled as mad as a rabid dog. He was aware that since Darren had used his domain skill, he couldn't be able to kill Darren or even be on par with his abilities. With that, Bryan waged a desperate struggle to kill him. Though he didn't know how he would do that, he was determined to get his hands drenched with Darren's blood.

After a roar, a bloody, blinding light blazed out from his body, which signified that he had activated a unique skill to light up his blood essence.

Possessing the activated blood essence this time, Bryan dashed towards Darren with hatred. Gradually, his aura rose continuously—so as his rage and hatred towards Darren. Judging from the aura that exuded from him, it could be assumed that his power was equivalent to that of a one-star grand warrior without using the domain skill.

This would be now or never for Bryan, and he should kill Darren no matter what it took. If, in any case, he couldn't kill Darren at the risk of his blood essence, he wouldn't be able to conjure such power he had now in the future. Worse than that, he would retrogress by at least two stages, and it would be hard for him to restore his cultivation base.

"Humph. Don't fancy killing me that easily! Killing me would not be a piece of cake for you. I would make sure of that! You are too naive!" Darren sneered towards Bryan with a mocking expression on his face. His calm and confident disposition made Bryan uneasy.

With his spiritual sense, Darren generated the nebula that was well-balanced in

eged in a real grand warrior's domain, even if Darren used the dark gold internal force, he would have no chance to escape.

Yet, to everyone's surprise, in the domain of the grand warrior, a big burning purple palm came down from heaven. Even if with the other grand warriors' protection, the earth couldn't avoid splitting up. Darren himself was also at the edge of being crushed by the gust brought by the big palm.

"What a shame you are!" A roar from heaven was descending. Then a figure landed at once, and he violently kicked away the grand warrior who had released the domain. Receiving the tremendous kicks, the grand warrior raised his hand to shoot the big palm shadow, protecting himself.

"A grand warrior? Who could that be?" The grand warriors that were together with the Blade Holy Lord were confused. They asked among themselves as to who was the figure that descended upon the heavens.

"Humph. Shame on you! How could you, grand warriors hand in hand, attack a boy at the primary stage of the Wonder Realm? I'm so ashamed of you!"

Realizing who the unexpected grand warrior was, Darren stood and smiled lightly, saying, "Mr. Brian You, don't bother to scold the shameless pugs. They won't understand."

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