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   Chapter 345 Fight With Bryan

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Cold and fierce blade intent surged forward, but Darren didn't defend against it. Instead, he retreated with Diana in his arms. Since she was severely injured, he needed to put her in a safe place. Unconscious and unable to protect herself, she might die from the battle between Darren and Bryan.

Darren dodged Bryan's attack. After flying for a while, he tossed Diana in the air, and her body vanished in a flash.

What Bryan didn't know was that Darren had thrown Diana in the direction where Chad and the other grand warriors were hiding. When her body flew close to where his friends were standing, Darren transmitted a voice. Chad caught her and settled her as per Darren's instructions.

Now that he wasn't worried about Diana's safety, Darren was ready for the inevitable fierce fight. This battle had attracted much attention.

The Blade Holy Lord had four helpers—three one-star grand warriors and a two-star grand warrior, while eight one-star grand warriors were ready to help Darren. It had been about a thousand years since such a great war had happened in the southern land.

"Little bastard, you saved Diana. But it doesn't matter. I am going to tear you to pieces." Bryan had been eager to kill Darren. He had spent many nights dreaming about the day that he would get his vengeance.

Darren hovered in the air and didn't say anything because he was transmitting messages to some of the grand warriors.

"Darren, should we step forward and help you fight?" Chad asked, using his spiritual sense.

"No. The grand warriors supporting Bryan haven't joined the fight. Bryan, that son of a bitch, made me suffer tremendously. I want to kill him myself. Once you join the fight, I won't have that chance."

And, Darren was right. If all the grand warriors joined in the fight, chaos would ensue, and he would lose the opportunity he sought so eagerly. For the moment, it appeared as though the grand warriors who were supporting Bryan were not interested in fighting. This was the perfect time to kill Bryan.

"Gerald, in my opinion, everything will be over once we kill that man," said a one-star grand warrior, one of Bryan's helpers. He thought there was no need to waste time.

"Oh, don't worry. Let us take our time. He cultivates both sword and blade skills. I have never met such a cultivator. I'm curious to see his skills. Besides, Bryan doesn't know what is good for him. It's good to let that lad teach him a lesson." The two-star grand warrior named Gerald was interested in watching the fight. Although Darren was young, he was strong.

"Okay. We will wait and watch the fight," echoed the three one-star grand warriors. As Gerald was the strongest warrior in the group, the others wouldn't argue with him.

"Don't join the battle unless the situation is life-threate

till so young, and yet, he has cultivated powerful blade skills and sword skills. He is at the primary stage of the Wonder Realm, but he could fight against a grand warrior. I really admire him!' The other grand warriors could not help but wonder.

"Stop talking and pay attention to the fight. If the grand warriors on the Blade Holy Lord's side suddenly attack Darren, he will be in danger. We must be ready to save him at any time," warned one of the grand warriors. The others nodded and focused on the fight.

The Grand Blood Refiner was watching the fight from one corner of the square. He was idle and didn't worry about Darren at all. He had seen Darren beat a weak grand warrior in the Raksa Sea and had great confidence in his abilities.

However, he was annoyed by the presence of the other grand warriors. He didn't know that Darren had other helpers. He also worried that Darren wouldn't win if the remaining warriors joined the fight.

'After Darren kills his enemy, I will jump out and take him away. Fighting with so many grand warriors is not wise, ' the Grand Blood Refiner thought. He closed his eyes and focused on the two-star grand warrior's aura. Once he recovered his full power, he would kill the grand warrior fighting with Darren now. At that time, it would be as easy as killing an ant!

"Blade Domain!"

Bryan was exhausted after the battle with Darren. However, he could not admit defeat. With no alternatives left, he summoned his domain skill, although it was incomplete.

"Little bastard! Taste the power of my domain!" Bryan's eyes were red and filled with rage. He thought that his domain skill would help him to kill Darren.

"Go to hell, old bastard!" Darren shouted as he unleashed his Blade and Sword Domain.

"Ah!" Bryan's expression reflected the horror he felt. He yelled in fear, "Impossible! You have domain too?"

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