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   Chapter 344 The Grand Warriors From Both Sides

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To determine the identity of the murderer, Darren, once again, released his Spirit Power to check Colin's body. As expected, he felt an aura of the rule cultivator hidden deep in Colin's body.

Colin had been wounded by a rule cultivator before. That fact, combined with the bloody words engraved on his palm, convinced Darren that the rule cultivator in purple was the murderer.

When the Holy Lord of the Blade Holy Land intended to kill Darren, the rule cultivator in purple was the mastermind behind the scheme. Moreover, he tried to torture Darren with his Spirit Power. For Darren, the rule cultivator in purple was as good as dead because no matter how hard it was, he would surely kill him.

Both sadness and murderous intent could be seen in Darren's eyes as he carried Colin outside and buried him where they had met for the first time. Then he knelt before his tomb.

"Elder Colin, you may rest in peace as I will avenge your death and find Cathy and treat her as my sister," Darren swore before he flew to the crumbling square of the Lotus Holy Land.

He stood there quietly and watched as the sky gradually darkened. In the blink of an eye, it was early morning. Darren had waited all night for Bryan, the Holy Lord of the Blade Holy Land.


Shortly after daybreak, the clouds in the sky surged high. A formidable aura, which seemed to crush the void, headed for where Darren stood.

"Here you are," Darren mumbled as he looked at the sky.

In a flash, several figures landed beside Darren.

"Darren, we are here to help. Tell us. Which bastard wants to attack you?"

one of the men asked. They were Chad and the other grand warriors.

Initially, Darren had informed only three men about the fight, including Chad. However, seven men had appeared to help him, and they were all grand warriors from the Grand Void Manor.

At first sight, they looked like average people, who were amiable and easy to approach. However, since they had come to help Darren, they all released their aura, which shook the earth.

"Sirs, thanks for coming," Darren said as he bowed to the grand warriors.

"Hey, boy, don't mention it. No matter who comes today, we will teach him a lesson!" one of the grand warriors yelled.

"To be honest, the opponent may be accompanied by a two-star grand warrior. Sirs, please take care of yo

o be taught a lesson for lying!" another grand warrior bellowed in a cold voice.

Embarrassed, the Blade Holy Lord could say nothing more. He had always been a cautious person. However, since he had witnessed Darren's escape previously, he grew concerned.

"Enough bullshit. Where is the Holy Lord of the Lotus Holy Land?" Darren questioned. Although he appeared composed, Darren was stressed before the grand warriors.

"You bastard! You are dead meat today. Do you want to save Diana? Here she is! Come save her!" the Blade Holy Lord growled. It seemed that his hatred had gotten the better of him. He roared and threw a woman at Darren.

Darren caught the woman, but he bristled with anger after getting a closer look at her.

The woman's face had rotted to the core after being destroyed by something. More shocking was that every bone in her body had been broken.

Darren's heart ached. All of this was a consequence of his actions. He had killed the Blade Holy Lord's two sons.

Because of this, Colin and the elders of the Lotus Holy Land had been killed. In addition, his sister and Bruce had been separated from him. Now, looking at Diana's miserable condition, his heart was engulfed in murderous intent.

"You beast. Bryan, I will not let you go today. Go to hell!" Darren roared, and blood streaks filled his eyes.

"You bastard, I will wipe the floor with your dead body. By the time I'm done, there will be nothing left of you," the Blade Holy Lord shouted. Meanwhile, blade intent burst out from his body and headed straight for Darren.

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