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   Chapter 343 The Nebula At The Elixir Field (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-12-01 02:54

Thinking of this, he started to search for it. Before long, he arrived at the place where, as far as he could remember, the Holy Lord of the Lotus Holy Land had met him for the first time.

After numerous battles, the whole Lotus Holy Land had been destroyed except for this place. It was kept safe, sound, and pristine. Darren thought that if the Lotus Holy Land had a forbidden area, that wouldn't be somewhere than this place.

Looking around, a massive lotus on the pool that seemed to be so special, caught Darren's eye. Thus, instinctively, he flew over the lake promptly.

Splllattt! Clap!

As he was hovering over the mysterious lotus flower, a big hand showed up out of nowhere. In a split second, the hand strangled and clapped Darren like a mosquito, pulling him into the underground.

"Damn it!" Caught unprepared and unguarded, Darren was startled. The big hand had approached without casting a shadow or even a slight aura that Darren hadn't sensed any sign of it before he was attacked. Obviously, whoever was behind the sibylline hand was powerful.


Freed from the grapple of the hand, Darren flew out from a ruptured hole on the ground and saluted to the big lotus, saying, "Sir, I'm sorry to offend you and disturb you in any way."

"Leave now! You're not allowed to be here. You are not supposed to be here in the first place." An old cracking voice emerged from the big lotus. Hearing that, Darren felt inexorable stateliness.

"Okay. I will leave. I am sorry for trespassing," not wanting to incur further arguments, Darren replied as he bent down, and he flew away from the pool.

By now, Darren finally realized why the Blade Holy Land dared send men to destroy and conquer the Lotus Holy Land. As long as they didn

ved. Thus, he didn't hurry to find his sister since only when he saved the Holy Lord of the Louts Holy Land, he could know her whereabouts.

Sensing that the situation was somewhat suspicious, Darren searched Colin's body. Additionally, he let out the spiritual sense to check for any clues of his death.

To his surprise, his eyes led him to Colin's clenched fist. With his heart skipping a beat, he unfolded his now dried fist and discovered something in there.

"Purple, rule,"

with furrowed brows, Darren read. Those were the two words that appeared on Colin's right palm. Judging from the dry, dark purple bloodstain, the two words were dug out and etched by Colin's fingernails.

"Purple rule?" moving back and forth, Darren muttered to himself repeatedly. While doing that, he was gradually releasing the Spirit Power to search the rest of Colin's body. Stopping abruptly, an idea lit up in his mind. Instantly, his eyes were filled with fury.

"It's the rule cultivator in purple!" realizing what the words etched on Elder Colin's palm signified, Darren yelled. At the thought of that, dense murderous intents were stating to intensify inside his body.

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