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   Chapter 342 The Nebula At The Elixir Field (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-12-01 02:37

'If I fail, I will be doomed!' This was the thought that occupied Darren's mind as he was mentally disturbed at the moment. By the same token, he was sitting on a powdered keg and had to move on.

Then, with his enhanced spiritual sense, Darren operated the aura of dragon blood in his elixir field to compress it into the revolving demon core.

"Ah! Ahhhrrrggghhh," Darren cried out as the sharp pain in his elixir field made his whole body tremble. He had not anticipated the pain to be so agonizing.

"Darren, are you okay?" Scott asked worriedly, looking at Darren, who was in torment. He panicked and did not know what to do to help Darren overcome the situation.

"Scott, I'm fine. Transmit more aura of dragon blood to my meridians," Darren shouted, gnashing his teeth in pain while instructing Scott.

As a knee-jerk reaction, Scott nodded. Hollowing out his strength, Scott continuously transmitted a steady flow of the aura of dragon blood into Darren's meridians. Accepting the immense aura, Darren controlled it and compressed it into his demon core.

Soon enough, the pervasive flow of the aura of dragon blood was turned into streams of liquid under Darren's compression, flowing on the surface of the demon core. The demonic internal force in the demon core grappled to break through the suppression of the blade and sword intent, which intensified Darren's agony.


A sharp cracking sound was heard from the rotating demon core. A few moments later, hairline cracks crept around the demon core, signifying that it was about to burst out.

"Ahhhhh!" Darren roared, bearing with the tormenting pain. With the last of his spiritual sense, he continued compressing such a significant quantity of the aura of dragon blood, preventing more cracks from developing on the demon c

wo-star grand warrior will kill you before my arrival," with a sheepish smile, Scott advised repeatedly.

"Rest assured, and I won't be playing with fire. I know what to do. I should go back to see Elder Colin. Scott, I'll be leaving now," Darren said as he saluted to Scott and turned away.

With Darren gone, Scott picked a mountain and exploded a cave with the force of his palm. Then he entered the sanctuary to strengthen his cultivation base. If Scott wasted more time, he wouldn't be able to reach the highest level. That was why he didn't go back with Darren and preferred to cultivate in that place.

After flying for a while amongst the clouds, Darren could see the ruins among the green hills, which had been the prosperous Lotus Holy Land in the past.

With a soft thud on the ground covered with tiles and stones debris, Darren landed from the sky and looked around the view of the ruins.

'The Lotus Holy Land should also have a forbidden area. Where is that forbidden area, and how is it now?' instead of pursuing his original plan of meeting Colin first, Darren speculated about the matter. He couldn't dismiss the idea of discovering the forbidden area in the Lotus Holy Land.

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