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   Chapter 341 The Demonic Internal Force And The Aura Of Dragon Blood

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Darren cautiously took a step back and politely asked, "What can I do for you, sir?"

As he looked at the man in the white robe and sensing the cold aura emitting from him, he somehow felt something familiar about him. He must have seen the man before.

"Hey, Darren," the man said with his back to Darren, "I haven't seen you for a very long time."

He suddenly turned around. A strange smile was plastered on his cold but handsome face.

"Scott! It's you!" Darren exclaimed as soon as he recognized the man standing in front of him, his eyes flashing with great joy. "You scared me, Scott! You look absolutely appalling! What are you doing here?" He stepped towards Scott and gave the man a friendly slap on the shoulder.

"After I've finished my practice in seclusion, I sensed that you were in danger, so I immediately came here to help you." Scott's tone was indifferent, almost detached—one could hardly see any trace of emotion from his face.

"Don't worry, it's not a big deal. I was just practicing some martial arts with a friend. Well... How about you, Scott? Did you succeed in getting into the Grand Realm?" Darren asked. Scott had once told him that he would likely break through to the Grand Realm after he ate the Dragon Saliva Fruit.

Scott nodded his head. "Yes. I actually didn't expect that I would get into the Grand Realm so smoothly. My domain has also improved quickly. I owe my success to the Dragon Saliva Fruit that you gave me. Thank you so much, Darren."

"Congratulations, Scott! Is that why I've sensed that you are much stronger than the average one-star grand warrior?" Darren was quite thrilled.

"How do you know the levels of the grand warriors?" Scott's brows rose up in surprise.

"So many things happened in the past few months..." Darren looked intently at Scott and then around them. "Let's find a place to have a good talk," he suggested. Darren was extremely delighted to have encountered Scott by chance. He had so much to tell him, they were best friends after all.

"Okay, sure. Let's go."

They then flew to a nearby mountain peak and found a comfortable resting spot.

"It was very fortunate that you survived the Heavenly Repression successfully. Your current strength is probably close to the Grand Realm. If I haven't reached the Grand Realm, I would certainly be no match against you," Scott said, expressing his admiration for his friend. He had sat and listened until Darren had finished recounting everything he went through.

Darren kept nothing secret to Scott—he told him everything, including the strange stone inside his head. He regarded Scott as his closest and dearest friend, so he found no reason not to completely be honest with him.

"It really was fortunate. I

ternal force would clash with the aura of dragon blood." Brows pulled together in disconcertment, Scott looked at the suffering Darren. He did not dare use the aura of dragon blood to suppress the black internal force any more. If he continued, he would probably get Darren's elixir field destroyed.

"Ah! Shit!" Darren was sweating profusely and was on the verge of losing consciousness from the pain.

All of a sudden, he remembered how he had handled the conflict of the ice intent and the flame intent before. This gave him the idea to mobilize the blade and sword intent to deal with the demonic internal force and the aura of dragon blood.

Fortunately, the blade intent and sword intent were soon able to suppress both the demonic internal force and the aura of dragon blood. And so, Darren gradually calmed down.

However, this method would not be able to completely solve the problem. Darren couldn't utilize the blade intent and sword intent at all times—he had to stop once in a while.

Without the pain, he could think clearly again. After a few moments of consideration, with brows furrowed in determination, he said, "Scott, please send a great deal of aura of dragon blood into my meridians again."

Scott reluctantly delivered a huge amount of the aura of dragon blood into Darren's meridians. As long as the aura of dragon blood did not enter his elixir field, Darren would be safe. They had to try and take the risk.

Scott did not exactly know what Darren was planning to do. He was baffled, but he trusted Darren and his capabilities.

At the moment that the aura of dragon blood entered his meridians, Darren activated his spiritual sense. Using his spiritual sense, he tried his best to compress the aura of dragon blood into his elixir field and rotated his pyramid-like demon core at a high speed.

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