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   Chapter 340 Making New Friends (Part Two)

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Darren was about to give his consent when they saw several other supreme disciples of the Heavenly Palace Sect flying towards them. Soon after they approached their spot.

"Both of you are excellent warriors. That was really a wonderful fight between two martial masters. We admire you so much!" A disciple, who seemed to be the group leader, stepped forward and spoke to them with a bright grin.

"Why are you here? You have watched us for a long while. You think watching is not enough and want to join the fight?" Shane asked sarcastically in a stone cold tone, great irritation was evident from his voice.

"You misunderstood me, sir. We are the supreme disciples of the Heavenly Palace Sect. The fight between you and Darren was great! We know both of you are capable warriors, so we came to say 'hello' and make friends," the leading disciple of the Heavenly Palace Sect explained defensively.

"You know me?" Darren asked in surprise as he heard the disciple mention his name.

"Whoever sees your powerful blade and sword intent will know who you are. Your skills are famous. Besides, we have heard about you for numerous times as our elders like to talk about your accomplishments before us. Are you interested in going with us to the Heavenly Palace Sect and spending a couple of days there?" the leading disciple invited as he smiled at him.

"Not now. I'd like to have some drink. Why not we find a nice restaurant to wine and dine?" Darren suggested instead.

"That's fantastic. We all listen to you."

"Let's go to wine and dine!"

Shane and the other disciples of the Heavenly Palace Sect nodded in unison.

Darren and his new companions found a restaurant and drank to their hearts' content. They consumed as much as their stomachs allowed. Several strangers met because of a series of incidents and thus became good friends.

"Listen to me, everybody. I must leave now as I have something to deal with tomorrow." After several rounds of toast, Darren expressed his intention of leaving. Since he was going

stones might have helped him a lot in healing his injuries.

Aside from the warriors brought by the disciples of the Heavenly Palace Sect and Shane, Darren would have several grand warriors in support of him. With these excellent warriors on his side, he was not afraid of the mysterious two-star grand warrior at all. Odds were looking great in his favor. But the Water Kylin's absurd plan to get completely transformed had indeed caused him a little problem. It was certain that the stupid beast could not come to join him for that reason. With the help of the Water Kylin, Darren would not hesitate to kill the two-star grand warrior.

Darren sped up towards the Lotus Holy Land at a fleeting speed as soon as he had informed all the grand warriors.

On his way towards his destination, however, a shadow suddenly appeared in front of Darren and blocked him from advancing any inch forward. Since the figure stood with his back against Darren, he had no idea who the person was.

Meanwhile, disturbing noises filled Darren's ears.

Darren realized the person standing in front of him was the cause of the noise, as he could clearly sense an impressing might aura from the latter. The person seemed much more powerful than Shane in the level of martial arts. Darren even felt that this person was even stronger than Chad and other grand warriors.

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