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   Chapter 339 Making New Friends (Part One)

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"What the hell! What is that force?" hollered the spectators in chorus as they observed the raging fight on the sideline.

They backed off hurriedly to keep a larger distance with the two men in the middle of the fight. The dark gold internal force frightened them to their cores.

Shane seemed to have significantly lost his strength to ward off. In face of the dark gold internal force darting at him at a fleeting speed, he stood there motionlessly, as he could do nothing but to watch and wait for his doom. At this critical moment, he felt the call of the God of Death.

This terrifying scene could drive fear into anyone's heart.

Shane was shocked at Darren's capabilities. It seemed that he had underestimated him as he did not expect that Darren would be able to use such a great force at the very beginning of the fight. According to his estimations, he would be defeated within just an hour even if he fought back with all the might he had had in his prime. In face of such a dreadful force, Shane did not dare to fight back directly. He focused on the defense, and kept dodging aside to escape the fatal force and sought opportunities to attack whenever it was possible.

'I'm a loser. There is not the smallest chance for me to win him.

He's just playing games with me. How ridiculous!'

Shane thought, as the feeling of bitterness surged into his heart. In the heat of the moment, he realized he was much inferior than his powerful opponent.

At last, Shane could not help but resist automatically with the primitive instinct of survival, regardless of all the fighting skills and techniques. The threat of death had settled in him, and never departed him during all the time.

"Boom!" A huge noise resonated.

Darren swiftly leaped forward toward his enemy at a lightning speed, and launched another attack of the dark gold internal force at his flank. The new force overtook the former one and collided with it before it hit Shane.

The dreadful dark gold force was enforced to unite with another before it could reach Shane. Meanwhile, a shadow with lightning speed pounced on Shane and rapidly pulled hi

about the whole thing.

"Those disciples of the Martial Holy Land bullied and insulted on the strength of their close connections with the so-called Shane. I will not let go of this matter easily. Justice must be done! They must pay for their insults!" the young man said in indignation, as he looked terrifyingly enraged.

"Now I am aware of this whole thing very clearly. It was not your fault. You can leave now." Darren signaled at the young man to let him go.

The young man repeatedly expressed his apologies before leaving with the man he had brought with him.

"Well, I think there is a misunderstanding between us, dude!" Darren said to Shane while cupping his hands apologetically. There was a friendly smile hanging on his face.

"Since it's a misunderstanding, you're not to be blamed for it. I don't think it is a bad thing, however, as it has brought us to meet here. I admire your martial talent and temperament very much. Why not we make friends to each other?" Shane replied. He then stretched out his hand towards Darren and gave him a reassuring smile.

Darren swiftly stretched out his hand and shook Shane's hand, "You're a capable warrior as well. I'm honored to be your friend!"

"You're too modest, man. You're excellent, much more capable than me. Let's go to have some drink. My treat!" Shane beamed with a brilliant smile on his face, putting their earlier dispute behind their backs.

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