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   Chapter 338 Fight To Heart's Content

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Darren attacked Shane fiercely. He had thought that Shane had used his full power in previous attacks. However, it seemed that he still had other skills. Thus, Darren couldn't afford to be fainthearted and hesitant in action.

In fact, Darren had also hidden two unique skills—the Blood Dragon Phantom and the dark gold internal force. So, he wasn't too worried.


Just as Shane was about to release his most potent skill, several figures flashed past, like rainbows, and landed around Darren and Shane.

"Oh, these are two young men. I thought they were two grand warriors fighting against one another!"

"The lad looks under twenty. How could he be so mighty? We felt the blast wave of the battle seven hundred miles away."

"Brother, should we stop them?" one of the men asked as he looked at their leader, a man in his forties.

"No. They are so powerful. We'd better not provoke them. But, you can watch and learn before we return to the Heavenly Palace Sect," the leader replied.

"Okay." The man nodded.

Four men had flown to investigate the battle when they felt the shock waves. After discussing for a while, they retreated far from Darren and Shane to watch their fighting.

Darren continuously suppressed Shane with his domain skill while directing violent blade and sword intent at his opponent. After a short while, it appeared as though Shane was weakening and not in a position to continue resisting Darren's attacks.

"Ha-ha. Good. You deserve to try my Spear Soul!"

Shane blurted. Then, he promptly spat a mouthful of blood essence on his black spear.

Darren's eyes widened as a sense of foreboding coursed through him. He wasn't as anxious about Shane as he was about the black spear in his hand.

"Let's see if you can defend against this! And remember, you forced me to use my skill, the Spear Soul! Nothing could suppress my Spear Soul except the domain skill displayed by a true grand warrior.

Crush him!"

Shane shouted. The black spear in his hand looked alive as it released a cold roar. Instantly, an overwhelming aura enveloped Darren.

In the blink of an eye, more than ten thousand spear shadows darted into Darren's domain.

The space trembled and shook violently. Streaks of lightning kindled by the spear shadows danced in the air.


A roar as deafening as thunder resounded in the space as Darren's domain crumbled after the attack by the formidable spear shadows.

What startled Darren more was that the force adhered to the black spear was endowed with such overbearing might.

In the distance, the onlooking overmatches w

" Shane howled, no longer as calm as before. Since Darren had managed to withstand his unique skill, Shane was both astounded and wrathful.

However, at the point, his desire to win the battle increased manifold. What such a close battle required was enduring fighting capacity. Shane was convinced that he would win if he persisted.

Darren and Shane continued to fight for at least another four hours after releasing their superior skills. Afterward, the battle's result was still doubtful as both contenders stood in their corners of the battlefield, bruised and wounded.

"I feel so great!" Darren called out. He didn't worry much about his wounds. What was important to him was this experience of fighting against a worthy competitor against whom he could unleash his skills to their fullest potential.

"Humph. Your power is still decreasing. You will lose if we continue. But, we don't have to reach that point just yet. If you admit defeat, I promise I won't kill you," Shane suggested. A sense of relief flooded him when he realized that Darren's power was decreasing faster than his.

"You must be kidding. I'll never admit defeat! I am enjoying fighting against you. I won't take your life, either. But you'd better behave from now on!" Darren responded with a sneer as the dark gold internal force surged high in his body.

"Eh?" Shane was stunned when he felt a horrible force. "Does the lad have yet another unique skill?"

With that, Shane suddenly turned pale as despair coursed through him.

In the next instant, he saw a dark gold force tear a piece of the void before heading toward him.

"Gosh! I'm done," Shane muttered to himself, going as white as a sheet when faced with the unrivaled dark gold force.

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