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   Chapter 337 The Battle Between Overmatches

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Up in the sky, a figure clad in blue floated high in the clouds with a strong momentum. He held a black spear of which the coldness was on par with that of the ice intent of Darren.

Darren raised his head and fixed his eyes on the stalwart figure. The moment their eyes met, both of their murderous intent looked as fierce as real weapons.

The person looked to be only in his thirties, but Darren could tell that he was very powerful. He was really a striking genius.

Even the Holy Lords of the eight Holy Lands wouldn't be able to match with him.

Like Darren, the figure also was aware of Darren's mighty power.

With his spiritual sense, though Darren standing on the ground, who was under twenty, was only at the primary stage of the Wonder Realm, the figure felt that Darren was like a sharp sword held up to his throat or a potent saber erected on his head. In fact, he seldom had such feelings when he met the younger generation, especially young men not belonging to the Chasm Clan.

"You are really powerful." The rough voice of the figure came. Despite their great distance, Darren could hear it loud and clear.

"You too. Your spear intent has attained the peak of perfection. I guess it is probably at the premium stage," Darren praised in a calm and peaceful tone. He continued to stare at the figure in the sky.

"Ha-ha. You are an observant man. If you are not a busy-body, I would like to make friends with you," the figure said.

"Shut up! I will never accept friendship from a man with the style like yours!" Darren shouted coldly. He remembered the evildoings done by the figure's men, so he did not trust nor respect him. He had already looked down upon the outrageous man. When he thought of him looting others' treasures, Darren's antipathy towards him surged higher.

"Well! Let's fight like enemies!" His bossy and arrogant voice resonated as he descended from the clouds.


Darren suddenly moved and turned into a shadow, shooting into the midair.

The blade and sword intents released around his body exploded in the air. As a result, the space was carved up with some tiny crannies.

"Ha-ha. You are a cultivator of both the blade and the sword! You are even stronger than I have expected. It seems that I really confront an overmatch. Let's fight to full!"

The figure was exactly Shane Xiao. Rather than get startled, he exclaimed in excitement. For others with the power close to the Grand Realm, they would always be taken aback by Darren's mighty blade intent and sword intent. However, Shane was so different.

Obviously, Shane was also extremely powerful with serious faith in himself and his capabilities. When he met an opponent on par with him, his morale was activated.


With an unparalleled aura, more aggressive than Darren's blade intent alone, Shane's spear

st before you talk big!" Shane shouted, matching Darren's arrogance. He swiftly pounced on Darren to beat him. Darren was forced to take a step back.

"The domain skill!" Darren yelled out loud while displaying the Blade and Sword Domain after he fought Shane back with a blast of strong blade and sword intent.

"Damn it! The Blade and Sword Domain!" Shane cursed, for he had never expected that the young man at the primary stage of the Wonder Realm could use the domain skill.

At that moment, he was shocked at Darren's talented power. He was impressed by the extent of his abilities. He had to admit that he couldn't rival him at his age.

"Well. So you want to fight me with the domain skill.

Fine! Invincible Spear Domain!"

Shane grumbled. After snapping back to reality from his astonishment, he found that he had been sieged by Darren's domain. Thus, he must demonstrate his real power now, or he would be defeated in less than an hour. Considering this, he activated the Invincible Spear Domain that he had never displayed after he had mastered the skill.

"Good job. You have comprehended the incomplete domain skill. You are not far from the Grand Realm," Darren praised, his voice calm as the sea.


The sky seemed to explode when the Blade and Sword Domain and the Invincible Spear Domain contended with one another. This time, the Blade and Sword Domain was one upon the Invincible Spear Domain. Shane looked exhausted and unsteady under the forceful collision.

"Damn! You are really powerful. I will use my trump card now. I'm so worried that I will kill you if I couldn't control my power. It is so rare to meet a genius like you. If I kill you by accident, please don't blame me!"

Shane thundered, his eyes full of blood streaks. His body was flowing with tremendous power. At that moment, he could no longer contain himself to use his utmost power.

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