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   Chapter 336 Search For Darren (Part Two)

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When he walked out in the crowd, however, many people who had seen him before and known his true identity shouted in excitement, "Hey, it is Darren, the unusual genius."

"Wow. He has disappeared for dozens of days. I supposed that he was scared away," echoed another bystander.

"Bullshit! Even the Holy Lord of the Blade Holy Land couldn't rival him. How could he run away? He must have dealt with something important," implied someone.

"Something interesting will surely happen. I heard that the man who troubled him was also a big bug. His status is even higher than the Holy Lords. He is a genius of the mysterious Chasm Clan!" argued another observer.

Though he had overheard the discussions clearly, Darren ignored them all. He just continued walking with his head held high towards the wild land out of the city. Darren knew that words of his arrival would eventually spread and reach Shane in no time. He would surely come to Darren once he heard that he was around.

When Darren got out of the city, he flew the distance and arrived at the wild land. The area would be a perfect spot as it was an almost empty vast that spread about a hundred miles. Upon reaching the wild land, however, several powerful men chased after him at a fast pace.

"Stop right there!"

a man shouted and warned Darren. They blocked his way, and Darren eventually slowed down.

"He is the man that we want!" one of the young men amongst the group at the primary stage of the Wonder Realm said to the three other men.

Craaaaack! To everyone's surprise, the youth at the primary stage of the Wonder Realm was heavily slapped in the face by one of the three other men.

"You beast. How dare you lie

m was completely taken aback as if he had stepped into a trap of unredeemable depth.

The sword intent was so sharp and potent with the nip that chilled them to their bones. The chills froze the three warriors and prevented them from generating their power for a counter-attack.

The sword intent greatly impaled the body of the middle-aged man at the advanced stage of the Wonder Realm. Within seconds, he was frozen stiff and fell on the ground with an eerie thud.

The two men beside the fallen middle-aged man were all stunned in dumb surprise. Having sensed the mighty sword intent and witnessed the death of the man at the advanced stage of the Wonder Realm, they were all terrified and trembled at their knees. They remained still and motionless, entirely at a loss, their faces blanching pale with fear.

"How dare you!" At the point, a daunting voice roared from the skyline and descended upon Darren.

"Ha-ha. Now you're finally here," Darren laughed grimly upon hearing the voice. After wasting so much time and power, his interest somehow intensified at the sight of the inhumane face he had been waiting to see.

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