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   Chapter 335 Search For Darren (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-11-29 00:12

After staying for quite a long time at the Ancient Void Battlefield, Darren felt a sense of renewed spirit now that he was out of his refuge once more. The sunshine was gentle and felt warm to his skin, and the air emitted a sweet scent to his senses. He must admit that staying at the battlefield was good for him—he was able to calm down.

"I must do what I should do now," Darren muttered to himself as he was quite motivated right now and decided to shut off all the unpleasant things on his mind. However, instead of flying back to the Lotus Holy Land, he headed towards the Martial Holy Land. He had planned to meet Shane first before heading to the Lotus Holy Land. He felt obliged to see him because he was quite curious about that man.

At breakneck speed, Darren arrived at the street of Martial Holy Land in about an hour.

During that time of the day, on the street gathered a group of powerful malicious-looking martial artists who were asking around about something. Once the person they asked couldn't answer their questions, the martial artists would beat them violently.

"I heard that the bastard once lived in your inn. Tell me where the brute went! Don't lie to me!" a young martial artist at the primary stage of the Wonder Realm bellowed as he grabbed the waiter of the inn where Darren once stayed. With a ferocious blow of his clenched fist, he punched the waiter fiercely.

"I..." The waiter was about to say something when another punch hit his mouth. This time, blood sputtered out, and his teeth were knocked off.

"Don't you want to tell me the truth? You want to be dead, huh? Ha-ha," the youth laughed vehemently, not giving the waiter a break. A punch, a kick, a nudge, the waiter took all the blow from the domineering martial art

s life hanging in a small thread. Covered by a pile of superior spiritual herbs, he hurried to take them one by one and was grateful to improve a little from his wounds.

At the moment, he, being both astonished and excited, made kowtows to the back of Darren, seeing him as a man with remarkable power. He was grateful that he came just at the right time to save him from that barbaric martial artist.

Saving him, and offering superior spiritual herbs to heal him, flattered the waiter so much. Such acts of kindness from Darren were far more significant than treasures that the waiter couldn't manage to obtain throughout his lifetime. Albeit, while looking at the pile of superior spiritual herbs in front of him, the waiter was so overwhelmed. He became so rich instantly that he could buy hundreds of inns with them.

But why did Darren go to the wild land out of the city? As for Darren, because the disciple of Elder Star told him that Shane had almost reached the Grand Realm, he decided to meet him at the wild land on the outskirts of the city. He did that as a precaution so that they wouldn't hurt innocent people once a fight broke out between the two of them.

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