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   Chapter 334 A Period Of Getting Calmed Down (Part Two)

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"I... will... fuck... you!" yelled the Water Kylin with a woeful shriek. The pain was so harsh that he cried with tears rushing down his eyes toward the ground.

"I will never forget this, Finley. How dare you spray salt on my wounds? You're a dead man. I swear I will never forgive you! You must repay multiple times than what I am experiencing today. My god, that really hurts!" shouted the Water Kylin in desperate craziness. He then passed out amidst his wailing.

"Stupid beast! The salt is an excellent way to enhance your physical strength. You should thank me that the idea came into my mind all of a sudden. Your body will become as solid as iron and steel after that pain. You owe me your gratitude, man! Don't be such an ungrateful ass!" murmured Finley seriously. Then he left to collect more salt.

At the same time, when all these funny things were happening, Darren was wandering about aimlessly in the Ancient Void Battlefield like a ghost.

He had gone so far that he came to a place he hadn't visited before. Everything in that place was new to his eyes, even the feel of the gentle breeze that touched his skin. "What is this place? I've never seen such a place here in the Ancient Void Battlefield before!" As he was wondering, a cave with a dim light inside caught Darren's attention.

As the controller of the Ancient Void Battlefield, Darren knew every sand and stone in the area with his spiritual sense. To his amazement, however, he hadn't noticed this cave before.

Seized by curiosity, Darren walked into the cave without hesitation.

A gentle force at the entrance stopped him from advancing any further. Though the energy was as soft and calm as water, Darren was unable to ward it off, no matter how hard he had tried. The special force startled him to the point that he was so eager to know where it came from.

"It's weird! I'm the one that controls and owns the whole land. What kind of restriction spell can stop me in my domain?"

Asking that question to himself, Darren felt puzzled. Though he was comparatively weak in his contr

rrior's force of control had a very close connection with the levels of martial arts. Darren was just a warrior in the Wonder Realm in the Ancient Void Battlefield. That meant he was still weak in his force of control inside the battlefield.

Therefore, to improve his force of control, he had to adjust the level of his martial arts accordingly. If Darren was able to reach the middle stage of the Wonder Realm in the outside world, he would be at the level of the middle stage of the Wonder Realm in the Ancient Void Battlefield as well.

With that idea in mind, Darren stayed in the Ancient Void Battlefield. Here he had spent three years practicing his martial arts. But the three years just equaled to over ten days in the outside world as time in the Ancient Void Battlefield flowed much more slowly than in the outside world. The three years in the Ancient Void Battlefield had brought peace to Darren's mind. He was grateful that he recalled less and less the bad memory of that day. He would be even more thankful if he would forget all of it as time went by.

In a couple of days, the appointment on the third day of the seventh lunar month between Darren and Bryan would commence. Looking forward to that day, Darren decided to leave the battlefield as he must face his duty and destiny. When he was fully set and prepared, he flew out of the Ancient Void Battlefield.

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