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   Chapter 333 A Period Of Getting Calmed Down (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-11-28 03:09

With a heavy head and a broken heart, Darren fleeted away in distress. His entire being, credibility as a warrior, and loyalty as a lover, all of which sank as if they were flushed into an endless abyss. He couldn't help but feel violated and abused in a way.

This whole thing happened completely beyond his expectations. Elsa looked terribly sad when she flew away after seeing him naked with Hailey. Her woeful yet radiant and innocent face tortured his heart whenever the thought of her lingered in his mind. The sadness that he was enduring right now was immense. But what could he do? He let everything happen because he was given no other options.

As he was determined to dismiss the nightmare off his head, Darren dashed forward like a furious bell. Since the witcher was dead, the restriction spell over the vast land of wilderness lessened. Thus, the furious warrior had all the freedom to fly at the fastest speed he could. He was able to fly out of the area after a couple of deep breaths.

Yet, no matter how fast he went, he flew in the air like a stray bird. He had no idea where he should go. A sense of hollowness had taken control of his heart as well as his mind that he couldn't think clearly at the moment.

Suddenly, after a few moments of thinking hard, an idea struck him. 'Why can't I go and hide in the Ancient Void Battlefield for a while?' thought Darren to himself. Thinking of that as an advantage for him, he channeled all his strength and initiated his spiritual sense to open the entrance of the Ancient Void Battlefield. As for Elsa, Darren knew there was nothing he could do to regain her trust. What he had done to her was unforgivable. The distressed warrior had to wait, and maybe then, time could heal her wounded heart and ease the bad memories away. Then, perhaps, he could find an opportunity to explain what really happened.

"Aha! Darren, it's you! Why do you come here? Does any danger befall on you in the outside world?" asked Finley as he sensed that someone entered the Ancient Void Battlefield. He immediately flew to check and was surprised to see that it was Darren.

"No. I just came to have a look here. How was the kid?" asked Darren in a low spirit while looking at Finley.

is cultivation base, so he could do nothing to improve his martial skills any further. Since the dying Water Kylin needed some time to recover, he had no one in his company. Finley felt extremely bored. He pondered for a moment and decided not to bother Darren at this moment. So he leaped toward another direction. The next moment, he found himself standing in front of the Water Kylin. Looking at the stupid beast covered in blood, Finley could not help but burst into a wild fit of laughter.

"Stop laughing at me, you idiot! I'll smash your face and tear apart your lips after I finish this process of transformation ten years later!" arrogantly shouted the Water Kylin in spite of being physically weak at the moment.

"Smash my face and tear apart my lips? Just look at yourself, dude! Be gentle to me, or I'll slap you without mercy!" Saying that, Finley disappeared for a while. When he reappeared, with him was a handful of fine white sands cupped in his hands.

"Do you know what this is, dude? These fine grains are sea salt left in the Dead Sea from the Last Age. It will bring you a fantastic scorching feeling when I sprinkle them on your flesh. I think it is much more unbearable than the most advanced Flame Intent. What about have a try of it, dude?" Though he was still suggesting it, Finley already sprinkled the salt on the Water Kylin's bare flesh before he had an opportunity to reject. In response, the Water Kylin's flesh hissed immediately as the salt fell on it.

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