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   Chapter 332 Split Up (Part Two)

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The strong wind blew over the black robe. The witcher was now turned into sand completely, scattering slowly in the wind. The black rope that was left of the witcher finally settled down, with a soft churn on the earth. When the robe was untangled, however, two bodies appeared out of all the dust therein.

At this instant, in the darkest place of the eight Holy Lands, countless black-robed men gathered and stared into the sky. Sense of sadness grasped all of their hearts. They were mourning for their loss.

"He has fallen," one of the black-robed men uttered.

"Then, that means that the day shall come very soon," retorted another man in a black robe.

In the blood pool at the forbidden area of the Dragon Holy Land, a bloody claw was waving like crazy above the surface where the pool of blood laid scattered. The disturbance rattled the entire area.

Twelve powerful witchers were highly concentrating, using their Witcher Powers to suppress the disturbance in the pool.

"It is coming," they signed and looked at each other with worried expressions on their faces.

In the land of wilderness, the storm finally settled, revealing the ravaged landscape and two entangled bodies on it.

A black robe drifted down from the sky and covered the naked bodies.

A beautiful figure appeared in front of the two unconscious bodies. Looking down at them with a forlorn expression on her face, Elsa couldn't lift her eyes away from the two bodies that were entwined.

"Wake them up," with a mellow voice, Elsa instructed Callie, who just flew over.

"Yes." Stepping aside, Callie nodded and unleashed her Spirit Power. As the spirit condensed upon them

he had been putting herself in a humble position, yet she turned out to be the antagonist in the whole scheme of the story.

She had been dwelling on this question for too long in her mind. Strands of her once-black hair turned white visibly because of the torture and the ordeals.

"You are not the only one who is hurt, and no one would constantly put themselves in a humble position like I did. One day you will understand, Darren!" Hailey murmured to herself with a barely audible voice before she took off into the air and disappeared, leaving Darren and Callie behind.

As she flew away, Darren stared at her receding figure and hatred was lessened in his eyes all of a sudden. He sensed the desperation and pity in her eyes when she left.

"Whoo!" Still enraged, Darren stood there for a while before he also took off and left. He continued flying though he didn't know where he was heading to.

At the same time, in the vast land of wilderness, there was only a figure in purple garments was standing, all alone, shattered, and desolate. Callie had no idea what she should do next and where to go.

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