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   Chapter 331 Split Up (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-11-28 00:12

"Elsa! Are you okay?" The grief that radiated out from Elsa pierced Callie's heart. She wanted to comfort her as much as she could, yet she was at a loss for words. The baffled cultivator could not think of anything better to do except being with her for the moment.

"I am okay. I guess this is just the way life is. Let's go and find Hailey." Elsa gave a bitter smile while turning her head to look at Callie. She wanted to show her that she had already accepted her fate. At the bottom of her heart, she just made an unwavering decision.

"You know what is going to happen to Hailey if she won't do that, right?" Callie asked while staring at Elsa's back.

"I have no clue. But I have seen what I should know. Those visions are enough for me." Elsa stopped for a second before she continued with her shaky voice. "Callie, can you do me a favor at least? After Darren and Hailey are done with the act, can you please make up some excuse so that you can take me to them?"

"Why do you want to put yourself through something like this?" Baffled, Callie asked out of her instinct. She could not understand Elsa's request. If it was Callie in her shoes, under such circumstances, wasn't she supposed just to pretend not knowing anything to get through the ordeal of the whole process?

"I have to find the closure that I need so that I can leave all this behind me." As she uttered those words, Elsa's voice echoed across the gray surrounding, filled with frustrations. After such phrases filled with uttermost grief escaped her mouth, Elsa slowly walked out of the hut with her spirits detached from her body. Callie could sense how miserable she was even when she tried so hard to suppress it inside her.

Left alone beside the well, Callie grew silent after Elsa's departure. She was heartbroken and was almost as miserable as Elsa. She was obliged to sy

he knew that could fool the Heavenly Repression. However, he was still spotted, blanked out, and demoralized at the turn of events.

His black robe rustled by the waves of the gale. He fixed his eyes on that hut, and then finally understood the reason why the thunder appeared.

Two strong powers were confronting each other in that hut. The dark gold internal force and purple gold internal force both shot straight to the air as if the entire space was about to be shattered into pieces.

Not anticipating the incredible scene, the witcher walked over to the hut briskly. His black robe suddenly expanded and covered the two confronting powers, confining them entirely and not letting them escape.

He hunkered down in a curved position while floating into the air. Joining the palms of his two hands together, he began to cast some dark spells to ward off the threat.

Right at that moment, both powers were blocked entirely, and not even a strand could seep through the witcher's black robe. With that, the black thunder finally dispersed and vanished into thin air. However, underneath that black robe, the withered body of the witcher was pulverized like sand. He was slowly descending from the sky like a weightless feather.

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