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   Chapter 330 The Reluctant Decision (Part Two)

Lord Of Martial Arts By Meng Mian Characters: 5552

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A person like me is naturally doomed to live for others. You, of all people, should know how it feels when you empathize with the sadness and the joy of the people who you care about while they cry and laugh. But, Darren, did you ever imagine what your life would be if you were just living for the world?" Hailey said in tears, and her radiant face was now etched with a deep sense of emptiness and hopelessness.

"I don't know what you are talking about, but what I am certain of this time is that, whatever happens, I will not disappoint the girl who I have already loved," Darren said firmly, still not yielding to agree with Hailey.

With that, Hailey softly wiped away the tears on her face and said with a bitter smile, "You are a good man, but some things are doomed to happen. I am sorry, Darren. I just have to do what needs to be done."

Then Hailey released a robust Spirit Power to wrap Darren. The Spirit Power was so potent that it was difficult or even impossible for Darren to resist.

Just at the moment, Callie suddenly appeared to help Hailey. She also released her Spirit Power and bound Darren more.

With the combined forces from both Hailey and Callie, Darren was utterly immobilized, though his Spirit Power kept trying to fight. Yet, the Spirit Power that the two girls released was so strong that he soon fell into silence.

Soon, Darren seemed to have forgotten everything, and his mind seemed to be an empty shell, light and void. In his eyes, he could only see Hailey.

He was experiencing an illusion that was the same as that unleashed by Callie towards him when they were in the Blade Holy Land.

In his eyes right a

aid the witcher before turning around and walking out towards the light door.

After the witcher left, Elsa flopped herself down on the ground. She was unable to come to her senses until a purple figure came over.

"Elsa, you should have known by now that to untie the seed of Heavenly Repression in Hailey, she needs my master's magical skill to help her. Uniting with Darren through sexual intercourse would be the only way to do that. Do you know about that?" Callie said abruptly as she came in front of Elsa, not wasting a single moment.

"Yes, I know, and I understand," answered Elsa shortly with her eyes still fixed on the ground.

"So, what would be your decision?" asked Callie hastily. She was eager and afraid at the same time to hear what Elsa would say.

After a moment's silence, Elsa raised her head and waved one sleeve of her garments to wipe the tears off her eyes. Then with firm convictions, she stated, "I agree."

Hearing Elsa's answer, Callie was supposed to be delighted, but she could not afford to do so. She had felt Elsa's ineffable sorrow and felt sorry for her.

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