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   Chapter 329 The Reluctant Decision (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-11-27 02:14

"Why? What is it? Come on! Just tell me!" Darren beckoned Hailey to come over and encouraged her to spill it out to him as he saw the hesitation in the girl's eyes.

"This...hmmm" Pulling all the confidence that she had, Hailey stepped closer to Darren, leaned over, and whispered something in his ear. After doing that, Hailey's cheeks were scarlet red with embarrassment, and her hands were shivering as she waited for Darren's response.

At first, Darren couldn't believe what he had heard from Hailey, but as the words synced into him, Darren frowned and blurted out, "No way! I can't do that!" Confused, stunned, and in torment, the young warrior was caught in a grave situation.

Meanwhile, inside the thatched cottage, while everything else was calm and quiet, Elsa sat in a bamboo chair deep in her thoughts. The chilly breeze, coupled with the chirping of the birds were not able to suppress what Elsa was feeling.

With battling emotions, Elsa didn't expect that the only way to help Hailey was so weird. Weird to the extent that she found it hard whether she should condone or go against it.

"I am afraid I can't do that, sir. You may think that I am too selfish, but that is just more than I can handle." Elsa bowed her head as she expressed her refusal. Deep inside her, she could not accept the proposal, and not even think about it.

Upon hearing the response, the witcher gazed at Elsa, with the green light shimmering in his eyes. The witcher understood that it would be hard for Elsa, yet that was the only way, and they could do nothing but let that happen, no matter whether Elsa liked it or not. After giving the girl a few quiet moments, the witcher came closer and said with a s

offer," Darren said firmly. He was staring at Hailey without blinking his eyes. He wanted to show her that he really meant his words.

Accepting the harsh rejection from Darren, Hailey stayed put and kept her silence, and tears were filling her eyes.

Right at that moment, she just felt terribly sad, as if the world had dawned at her. During the days when she was not under the threat of the Heavenly Repression, she lived up like the stars in the sky. She was a very attractive girl, adored and sought after by a significant number of talented young men.

However, by whatever twist of fate, she was forced to propose such a taboo for the first time in her life. She knew that many of the men who pursued her dreamt of doing the act with her. However, with Darren, he just refused her.

At the moment, thinking about her fate and Darren's rejection, Hailey couldn't help the tears from running down her face quietly.

"I know it is hard for you to accept what I have proposed, but I have to do it. That is the only way. Sometimes, I just want to live for myself, but there are too many things that we have to do in the world.

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