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   Chapter 328 The Seed Of Heavenly Repression (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-11-27 02:14

This face was dry and old as an aged person. Besides, there were barely any flesh on it nor blood within its skin. The framework of the face could clearly be seen as there was only a thin layer of dry skin on it. Under the dry skin was a web of green meridians, and a trace of green light could be seen in the eyes.

"Witcher! You're a witcher! Am I right, sir?" The memory about the powerful witchers in the forbidden area was still fresh in her mind.

Elsa was startled at the appearance of a witcher outside their own world. She wondered why this witcher wanted to see her in private. At the same time, she understood that this witcher must be the master of Hailey and Callie.

"Take your seat, Elsa." Elsa heard the witcher speak in a dry voice as if he hadn't had water for a million years.

"Yes, sir." Elsa nodded and obeyed. She took her seat on an obsolete bamboo chair by his side.

"Are you willing to help Hailey if she needs your assistance?" asked the witcher directly. He was very straightforward and didn't beat around the bush.

"Help Hailey? Of course! I'll do whatever I can to help her. Please tell me, sir, what I can do for her," responded Elsa without any hesitation.

The witcher nodded his head slightly. With a glint of green light flashing in the witcher's eyes, a segment of memory was transmitted into Elsa's mind.

Elsa had sunk into silence for a long while when she received the message of memory from the witcher. Then she shook her head violently and spoke with sheer determination, "No, sir, I cannot do it!"

At the same time when Elsa and the witcher were holding their secret conversation, Darren and Hailey were carrying out theirs.

"Do you know why I was in the Ilmen Sect back then, Darren?" Hailey suddenly raised this unexpected question in the middle of their conversation.

Darren shook his head.

"I was infected with Heavenly Repression at that time. My master

pression before you reach the Holy Realm," said Hailey with great confidence.

This made Darren very much delighted. Now he was more determined to help Hailey as this would benefit both of them.

"All right. Since this is conducive to the both of us, let's do it as soon as possible. Please take me to see your master, so we can immediately commence this whole thing."

At that moment, Darren felt extremely curious at Hailey's master because of his powerful magical skills. He knew well how powerful the Heavenly Repression was, so he was eager to know how her master had helped her survive the initial attack of the Heavenly Repression. Her master was even able to seal the integrated force of Primitive Feminine and Primitive Masculine power! How capable was this man? Darren was eager to find out.

He couldn't wait any more to see this powerful rule cultivator and his body was tingling with anticipation. It was even impossible to eliminate the Heavenly Repression in the Ancient Void Battlefield. But the rule cultivator was able to seal it in Hailey's body. No matter who he was, his magical skills startled Darren to the extreme.


Suddenly, Hailey became hesitant. She stammered because she had no idea how she should tell the following words to Darren.

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