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   Chapter 327 The Seed Of Heavenly Repression (Part One)

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"We're not in a hurry, Callie. Darren must be tired. He needs to rest first," said Hailey Yao to the girl clad in a purple attire.

"What can I do for you, Miss Yao? You have helped me for several times. I'll do my utmost effort to help you. So please let me know what I can do for you," Darren told Hailey earnestly. His eyes were full of kindness and appreciation.

"It's complicated. I have to ask my master for the detailed information before we talk about it,"

replied Hailey, her lips forming an awkward smile. Darren nodded gently to her as a response.

Hailey then proceeded to arrange a bumper meal for everybody's treat. Afterwards, when they finished their nice and delicious meal, Darren and Elsa went out together for a walk.

"Do you already know the mishap in the Holy Land, Darren?" Elsa turned to look at Darren as she asked her question. They continued to walk slowly outside as they talked. Her whole aura had turned gloomy. Her eyes were sad and distant and her lips had turned downwards to form a frown. Her face was full of anguish and misery as the sad memory replayed inside her mind.

"Yes, I know it very well. I will kill Bryan no matter what the cost. That bastard must repay the debt with his blood!" Darren almost roared with indignation. His voice was full of rage and determination as he stared into the distance. He clenched his fist so tightly that his knuckles turned white.

"Kill Bryan? Isn't it too risky? Bryan is terrible, and he has a grand warrior in support of him. We should not take any rash actions. We must be careful, Darren!" exclaimed Elsa, her eyes shifting from sadness to fear and uneasiness.

"Don't be so worried, Elsa. I have achieved the Wonder Realm and is close to a grand warrior in terms of strength. Bryan has somebody in support of him in secret; why can't I find some source of assistance for myself? I'll kill both Bryan and the grand warrior,

e it," said Callie while pointing at an old thatched cottage in the front. Elsa followed the direction with her eyes and saw what she was pointing at.

"Okay." Elsa nodded at Callie and pushed open the door.

The interior was so dimly illuminated that it was hard to make anything out inside the room. A faint smell of mildew filled the air inside. A flickering oil lamp on an old shabby table was the only source of light in the room.

Elsa scanned the room and noticed that a person wrapped in black hood and robes was sitting by the side of the table. The person sat with his or her back against Elsa.

Elsa stayed silent from the first moment she stepped in. She studied the person in black and tried to measure the person's height as she wondered who he or she was. Then, she fixed her eyes on the person's hands on the table, and her eyes caught an object which looked exactly like dry twigs. Elsa's heart missed a beat as the sight brought back some memories to her that she had long forgotten.

"How should I address you, sir or madam? Are you..." asked Elsa with hesitation.

The person in black slowly turned around to face Elsa. The hood was removed to reveal the face carefully wrapped in it. Elsa backed off in astonishment after seeing who the person was.

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