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   Chapter 326 The Request

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Several disciples of the Martial Holy Land, who were at the primary stage of the Wonder Realm, ran towards where Darren was standing and shot their weapons on the young warrior.

However, Darren remained motionless with his feet firmly rooted to where he was standing. The murderous intent in his eyes was so lethal that the enemies' livers and galls seemed to be torn out from within.

"Ah! This young man?"

A certain disciple couldn't believe his eyes at the sight of Darren.

"Is he really Darren?" the man inquired further in astonishment. At that point, many people had gathered around. They were all stunned at the scene that was before their eyes.

Nowadays, Darren's physical strength had propelled to a higher level. Even the attacks of the overmatch at the advanced stage of the Wonder Realm, he could effortlessly withstand without getting hurt.

"Does anybody want to go on and attack me?" seeing that everyone was held frozen and nobody dared to take the first move, Darren asked indifferently.

"No, no." The disciples pushed against each other as they staggered backward one by one.


With one wave of his sword, Darren gave out an ice sword intent and knocked all of the disciples down on the ground.

"What a powerful sword intent! He really must be Darren! He is the young man who created a tremendous uproar in the Blade Holy Land!" a disciple that was trampled on the ground reckoned.

"Wow. I never expected that I have lived to see the powers of the legendary Darren. He is really an extraordinary genius. It pays me good to go out and join you today," echoed another disciple.

People around started to discuss Darren's magnanimous encounters and unbelievable feats in battle. Some young girls among them looked at Darren with tenderness, their hearts skipping a beat frantically.

"Go and save yourself, futile minions!" Darren shouted in a cold voice. "If you are not convinced, you can take your revenge on me. I will wait for you here."

"You really are Darren? Aren't you? The legendary warrior?" one disciple asked.

"Well. Let's go,"

another disciple said. Enduring great pain, they fled helter-skelter after giving a glare at Darren.

On the other hand, Darren didn't kill them for his own consideration. He wanted to see the real power of Shane, the man who even looked down upon the Heavenly Palace Sect.

"Thank you so much, sir," the disciple of the Heavenly Palace Sect said as he stood up from the ground. Having witnessed Darren's cultivation base, he thought it was necessary for him to show respect to Darren.

"You are welcome. I know Elder Star. What I did is to help him as my friend," Darren replied with a light smile while letting his guard down.

Hearing Darren's words, the disciple was utterly sure that the man before him was indeed

out as she threw herself into Darren's arms and sobbed. The great beauty that glimmered as a pearl in the vast deep abyss was Elsa.

Since they had been separated for a long time, Darren also missed her very much, so he hugged her tightly, feeling her warmth and sweet scent.

"Oops. Do you need me to arrange a bed for you here?" Callie laughed at the moment, though she seemed to be a little jealous of Elsa being hugged tightly by Darren.

The woman standing beside her was Hailey. Like Callie, she shared the same feeling.

Blushing at the words of Callie, Elsa removed her hands, and just leaned on Darren's shoulder.

"Elder, are you all right?" Darren hurriedly asked as he bent down to salute to a middle-aged man.

A relieved light released from his eyes, the middle-aged man came over to hold Darren up and said, "Darren, I'm so happy that you came back. Elsa was so worried about you in the past months."

The man was Thomas, Elsa's father.

"Alas. It nearly caused your life to save me. I don't know what to say. Darren, thank you so much for what you have done for me," Thomas sighed with his hands on Darren's shoulders. No words could express how thankful he was to Darren.

"Elder Thomas, you don't need to thank me. It's good to see that all of you are safe and unharmed." Darren gave Thomas a reassuring smile. The sincerity in his heart was betrayed in the expression on his face. The young warrior had such a pure heart, blameless, and always willing to help.

"Oops. Why are you father-in-law and son-in-law so polite with one another? Don't do that again. Darren, now that you have come back, Hailey has something to confide to you. You must help her," looking at Darren with a mysterious smile, Callie uttered.

As expected, Darren knew that Hailey wouldn't help him for no reason at all, so he immediately sat down to give an ear to her request.

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