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   Chapter 325 Appoint A Fight (Part Two)

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"Do you think Darren is capable enough to fight with Bryan, the Blade Holy Lord?" asked the old man, a hint of doubt evident in his tone. He was shrouded under a forceful aura typically belonging to an excellent warrior.

"The fact is he went to the Blade Holy Land alone and disabled so many elders on his own. Not only that, but he also escaped from Bryan's fatal attacks completely unharmed. I suspect that he is better than Bryan in terms of cultivation base!" said Landon confidently.

"How... how is it possible? I've heard that with the help of a secret capable warrior, Bryan is only a half-step away from achieving the level of Grand Realm. Darren is just a young lad having little experience in the field of martial arts. How could it be possible that he is a match for Bryan?"

"That's why I must go to see the fight in person! If Darren is as smart as the news describe, I have to wipe him out with my own hands. It will be disastrous if he returns and finds some clues that can compromise us!" Landon furrowed his eyebrows and wore a solemn expression on his face. Green lightning flashed around him as he uttered every word in his cold voice.

In addition to the clamor in the Holy Lands, Darren's story made quite a stir in the Heavenly Palace Sect as well. No one believed that a young man under the age of twenty had an ability that almost reached a grand warrior. If everything about Darren was true, then his talents must be incredible.

An advanced warrior in the Heavenly Palace Sect even sent people in search of Darren as he was eager to recruit Darren as his disciple.

During the past few days, Darren didn't idle his time away just waiting for the appointment. He traveled in every part of each of the Holy Lands and made his name known to the local people when necessary. He did so in an attempt to provide his

hands and bear the ceaseless assaults from his enemies in silence.

'I know the Elder Star! He's a nice guy. Wouldn't it be improper to just watch as his disciple go under such humiliation without offering any assistance?' thought Darren to himself. Before he knew it, he had already stepped towards the crowd in the fight.

"Stop!" Darren commanded in a cold voice. This made all the perpetrators stop and turn around to look at him.

"Who do you think you are, you son of a bitch? It's none of your business!" One of the disciples of the Martial Holy Land raised an annoyed brow and scoffed at him. He and his companions had obviously become furious at Darren's sudden appearance.

"You dared insult me. That's not very wise of you." Darren flashed a smug smirk at them before continuing, "Oh well... If you haven't insulted me, I, Darren, wouldn't have had any excuse to give you all a heavy beating!"

The disciples scoffed at him. "Darren? Shake off your mask, you liar! You're nothing but a bastard using Darren's name! Even if the so-called Darren did come here himself, we will give him no chance of return. Attack, brothers!" All the disciples from the Martial Holy Land rushed at Darren upon the man's order.

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