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   Chapter 324 Appoint A Fight (Part One)

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"Bryan, I know you want to kill me as much as I want to kill you. But it's not the time we settle the hatred between us!" said Darren through clenched teeth. Since Bryan had taken Diana as a hostage, Darren dared not to rush into a fight with him at this moment. He knew that saving Diana from the hands of his enemies would be even more difficult if he defeated or even killed Bryan.

"Bring Diana to the Lotus Holy Land on the third day of the seventh lunar month. I'll have a duel with you on that day to settle all the grudges between us. Only one of us will survive while the other one will be killed without mercy. You will never see me again if you dare hurt the Holy Lord Diana. Understand?" Darren spoke those words in an attempt of securing Diana's safety and saving her in the future. He knew well that Bryan hated him so much that he would never find peace unless he killed him with his own hands.

"Do you think you can escape your doom in your fight with our Holy Lord, bastard?" said the Chief Elder, standing arrogantly by Bryan's side.

"What a noisy beast! Go to hell!" roared Darren. He turned around to swing his sword at the Chief Elder of the Blade Holy Land. One moment, Darren's sword flashed in the air and the next moment, the Chief Elder's legs had been cut off.

"No!" Seeing the mishap of his companion both enraged and frightened the other elder. To protect himself from being attacked by Darren, he rushed towards Bryan without delay.

"Holy Lord, please kill that bastard and take revenge for us!" The elder wept as he trembled by the Holy Lord's side.

Bryan's face contorted in extreme fury—the scene was an absolute atrocity. He then immediately turned around to launch a surprise attack at Darren.

Instead of darting towards Bryan and warding off his attack, Darren swiftly backed off to avoid the fight and flew away at a fast speed.

"Don't come after me, Bryan. Let's fight at the ruins of the Lotus Holy Land on the third day of the seventh lun

elp of a two-star grand warrior, he would be invincible even if Darren had numerous tricks up his sleeve. No amount of trickery and deceit would help Darren escape from his doomed fate now.

"The third day of the seventh lunar month is just one month away. Just wait, you bastard! The day of your death is not far away!" The elder wore a sly grin. Having watched how Darren cut off the limbs of his companions, he had housed endless hatred against Darren in the heart of his hearts.

In just three days, the news of how Darren had cut off the limbs of the elders of the Blade Holy Land had spread to every corner of every Holy Land.

With the circulation of the news from one person to another, Darren was described as the god of fight. The appointment to be held on the third day of the seventh lunar month was also talked about in every part of the Holy Lands.

"Seems like Darren has achieved a lot in his martial arts. I know he practices blade and sword skills at the same time. I must go to the Lotus Holy Land to watch the fight with my own eyes," Holy Lord Landon of the Lightning Holy Land said to an old man by his side. Landon didn't believe the news when he first heard about it, so he went to the Blade Holy Land to confirm it. He was shocked after he had found out that everything was true as the news told.

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