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   Chapter 323 Massacre

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After hearing what had happened, almost all the powerful elders of the Blade Holy Land rushed over instantly.

"It is that bastard!" The elders who had taken part in the deadly pursuit of Darren immediately recognized him.

At the same time, they also noticed the elder lying on the ground whose legs and arms had been cut off. They all burst into fury.

"You son of a bitch! How dare you hurt an elder of the Blade Holy Land? I will tear you into pieces!" the chief elder roared angrily. He was already at the supreme stage of the Wonder Realm and his strength was only a little less than the Holy Lords.

"All right, you old assholes. Let's play a cat and mouse game. None of you will be left alive today!" Darren didn't want to talk nonsense with them any longer. He directly flew at them, casting the ice sword intent and the flame blade intent on an elder at once.

Before the other elders could even react, the elder who had just been attacked by Darren had his limbs cut off.

"Shit! This damn bastard is as fast as we are. We shouldn't have underestimated him!" One of the elders at the advanced stage of the Wonder Realm instantly flew over and caught the badly hurt elder.

Darren had become incredibly strong now that he could easily destroy them all in a blink of an eye if he used his full power. He was invincible against the cultivators at the supreme stage of the Wonder Realm. He could even compete with a newly promoted grand warrior.

However, thinking of the elders of the Lotus Holy Land who had sacrificed their lives for him, Darren decided not to kill the elders of the Blade Holy Land so quickly. He wanted to torture them slowly as they had done to the elders of the Lotus Holy Land. He wanted them to suffer ten times as much.

"The strength of the little bastard has increased drastically. Let's kill him together!" the chief elder ordered the other members, sensing how threatening Darren was now.

All the elders of the Blade Holy Land then released their power. The combined power was so mighty that the earth trembled and the sky changed its color.

"Omnipotent Talent Skill!" Half of them immediately used their strongest skills to attack Darren.

Darren's figure whooshed by.

He did not feel an ounce of fear as he dashed towards them.


Countless screams were suddenly heard from the elders.

All the elders of the Blade Holy Land trembled at the sight of Darren's blade and sword intent—they had never seen such a terrifying intent before.

"How is that possible? He has a domain! A domain of blade intent and sword intent!" Two elders at the supreme stage of the Wonder Realm had just narrowly escaped the domain. The


A figure stepped through countless blade shadows and walked into the void.

A strong surge of killing intent immediately washed over Darren.

Darren gritted his teeth in annoyance. "Humph! Mere bravado!" he said, brandishing his sword towards the man.

With a wave of his hand, a powerful blade intent rushed out and wiped out Darren's sword intent.

"Ah! Here comes the Holy Lord!"

"Our distinguished Holy Lord has reached the Grand Realm?"

The two elders of the Blade Holy Land who had sustained serious injuries from Darren's attack, now wore a look of pure joy and relief on their face. They sensed that the strength of their Holy Lord was profoundly overpowering, especially his blade intent—it was so powerful that it could subdue other blade intents.

Bryan glared at Darren with vicious eyes.

"Choose a way to die," he coldly said.

Bryan was actually shocked to find out that the bastard who had escaped would become so powerful now, but he did not let his emotions show.

"Are you kidding me? You want to kill me? Bryan, even if you somehow managed to have reached the Grand Realm, there would still be no chance for you to win against me. You will die in my hands!" Darren had met several grand warriors. He had even met a powerful grand warrior like Finley. Just by looking at Bryan, Darren could tell that he had only just perceived the Blade Domain and had not reached the Grand Realm.

That was to say, his strength now could only be compared to an injured Grand Blood Refiner, not even a real grand warrior. Darren still had sixty percent chance to win against him.

"Well, you'll still be dead today, anyway. You'll find out in hell whether I'm a real grand warrior or not!" With these words, Bryan explosively released all his blade intent.

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