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   Chapter 322 Both Principal And Interest (Part Two)

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Later, Darren inquired about some details from Colin and took him away and made some proper temporary arrangements for him. After making sure of Colin's safety, Darren bid him goodbye and left.

He was set to find Elsa, to reassure and rescue her. Aside from that, he would make sure that she was safe and would promise to avenge her from those who had threatened her life. Because of his journeys, Darren was gone for more than a year. Because of that, he could not imagine how Elsa looked by now, or worst what had happened to her if she was still safe and unharmed after the unknown rule cultivator saved her.

"Elsa, Elsa, where are you? Aha! It must be Hailey or someone Hailey sent that took away Elsa." The first name that jumped in Darren's head was the girl in purple garments.

Though the idea excited Darren, the problem he had was finding Hailey. He was not able to maintain contact with her since she went away with Elder Thomas. This was one of the moments where Darren regretted not keeping close ties with friends.

"Well, since I don't know where to find her, I better go off to the Blade Holy Land. I am going to make some noise there. Maybe words about me will reach her, then she will find me instead." This was the best plan Darren could think of. He was going to make some noise in the Blade Holy Land. The news would break, and at that time, Hailey would come to him. He wished that his plan would turn out well, and he would be able to find Elsa as soon as possible.

Killing Bryan was not part of his plan, for now. As based on Colin's account of the tragedy, Bryan had a two-star grand warrior at his side, if Darren wanted to do something, he must be well-prepared.

He could release the Water Kylin and start a massacre, but that would almost inevitably alert the grand

ld realize, his hands and feet were severed from his body.

"I won't kill you because killing you is showing you too much mercy." Then, Darren flew to the older man and broke all of his energy meridians.

A Wonder Realm true master now became a piece of weak and limbless garbage. It was way more painful than killing him.

"Oh, you beast! You monster! How can you do this to me? I curse you! I will kill you!" The Blade Holy Land elder cursed with blood spluttering out of his mouth.

"Beast? Monster? If I am a beast and a monster, then what are you? Are you not a monster when you mercilessly slaughtered the elders, their wives, and their children at my Holy Land? Today is the day of retribution. This is the price you have to pay." Saying that with extreme displeasure, Darren severed the elder's tongue as well.

"How dare you!" the elder mumbled. At that moment, a group of over twenty warriors arrived at the scene. They were all-powerful Blade Holy Land elders, some of which were even at the supreme stage of the Wonder Realm.

"Good. This is exactly what I am looking for. Go to hell, all of you, scumbags!" While cursing them all at once, Darren grinned and drew out his weapon.

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