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   Chapter 321 Both Principal And Interest (Part One)

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For ten days now, Darren was assimilating the spiritual energy of heaven and earth and poured it into Colin's body. His condition had been better, and Colin's vital energy passage and injuries were almost healed and restored, but the cultivation base that he had lost was beyond redemption.

"Oh, no... What happened?" Colin opened his dull eyes and asked with a confused and bothered expression on his face.

"Colin, tell me! Is it because of me that the Holy Land suffered such a tragic misfortune?" asked Darren the moment he saw that Colin regained consciousness. He was anxious to ask Colin, now that he was about to know the truth, his heart was bleeding. He knew the answer to that question perfectly to his heart, but he wanted to hear the words from Colin himself. He wanted to be slapped with the truth on his face that it was because of him. It all started with him killing the bloody son of the Holy Lord of the Blade Holy Land.

"Indeed. Bryan was attacking our Holy Land under the pretext of revenge for his son. It was only at that time that you had already left. Bryan might have been planning it for a long time, but that was not the worst yet. All of us did not expect that he had such a strong backer," sighed Colin again. Inferring from the sound of his voice, Darren knew that Colin was in pain. Yet, the way he confronted Darren with the truth appeared as the tragedy happened a long time ago.

"Oh, it's all my fault. I should carry the blame upon my shoulders. But what about the disciples in the Lotus Holy Land? What did they do when the tragedy happened? How about the Holy Lord and Elsa, and my dear friend Bruce?" Darren ranted Colin with rains of questions. He was growing impatient and wanted all his doubts to be answered for the time being.

"At that time, Bryan took away Holy Lord Diana and named Elsa as his next victim of merciless slaughter. Luckily, El

I take away from them. I will show them no mercy!" Angered and frustrated at the same time, Darren snarled in resentment.

Hearing the determined conviction from Darren, Colin forced a smile and shook his head discouragingly.

"What's with that hopelessness? You do not have faith in me?" questioned Darren as he saw the downcast look on Colin's face.

Darren was confident and made such a promise because several grand warriors also supported him. Even if they were not two-star grand warriors, they possessed formidable powers. Putting it on the other side, even if the grand warriors would not come to Darren's aid, he still had the Water Kylin as his trump card

In the outside world, once Darren released the Water Kylin, though, the beast had few rivals among the four regions of the continent when it came to strength and ability. It was even fair to say that he was invincible!

However, it was also fair for Colin to doubt him. As an aftermath of what had happened, nobody would believe Darren. They did not think that he could avenge them; after all, the enemies were so powerful that they even destroyed the Holy Land and had the Holy Lord captured.

Thus, Darren had to prove himself by taking actual actions, not just blubbering his words.

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