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   Chapter 320 The Mishap In The Holy Land

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The sudden appearance of so many Primitive Stones startled the three grand warriors. They looked at the precious stones with widened eyes. To everyone's astonishment, the Primitive Stones collected by Darren were several times greater than those carried by the other superior talents.

However, before surrendering the Primitive Stones, Darren had picked out all the Primitive Stones containing the power of the Life Rule. He wanted to give these to the Grand Blood Refiner. Since he promised the Grand Blood Refiner, Darren would keep his word no matter what the cost.

"That's...unbelievable! Where did you get these Primitive Stones, Darren? There are so many of them!" shouted Chad with excitement as he had never seen so many Primitive Stones in one place before.

A glint of excitement and envy sparkled in the eyes of the other two grand warriors as well. Since Darren was Chad's underling, neither of them felt that it was appropriate to claim the stones without Chad's permission.

"Everyone present should have a share. What do you say, Chad? It's not good to keep all the stones for yourself," said Brian in a hurry lest Chad decided otherwise.

"I couldn't agree more, Chad. Do not forget my share for the sake of our friendship," said the female grand warrior while winking at him seductively.

"You, indeed, deserve a portion of the stones as you insisted on waiting for Darren here. What about this suggestion—I'll take half the stones, and you two split the rest? It was not easy for Darren to bring back all these Primitive Stones, so you must award him generously in return. Do you agree?" said Chad with a mischievous smile. Since he only needed a few more Primitive Stones to improve his skills, he didn't mind giving the rest to his companions as a sign of his generosity.

"Of course. We will reward Darren handsomely. Thank you, Chad."

"You're a nice guy, Chad. Thank you!"

flirted the female grand warrior. The way she addressed Chad nauseated everybody present.

Each of the grand warriors collected his or her due portion from the huge pile of Primitive Stones before offering Darren numerous valuable treasures as rewards. Unfortunately, the treasures were of little use to Darren.

"Darren, all these gifts are worldly possessions that you can choose to keep or discard. However, this one is different. You must carry it wherever you go in the southern land. That way, if you need our help, you can release your spiritual sense and summon our assistance." said Chad while passing a bead to Darren. It looked similar to the one the Grand Blood Refiner had given to him.

The only difference was that Chad's bead was filled with the spiritual intent of the three grand warriors. Therefore, once Darren used his spiritual sense to summon their spiritual intent in the bead, all three grand warriors would sense it and come to his rescue.

This was precisely what Darren wanted. As for the other valuable treasures or tools, he showed no interest.

"Thank you!" Darren took the bead and cupped his hands before the three grand warriors to show his gratitude.

"It's unnecessary for you to be so polite, Darren. We feel honored to help you a

s inner world. To his amazement, he found that Colin's Spirit Power was chaotic.

"This appears to be the tricks used by rule cultivators!" uttered Darren through clenched teeth.

In an attempt to subdue the force that had disturbed Colin's mind, Darren tried to initiate his Spirit Power.

Since Darren knew nothing of orthodox healing skills, he had to use his Spirit Power to drive out the evil force inside Colin. Four hours passed. Darren felt a sharp pain in his brain as if it were about to explode. At this critical moment, however, the strange power inside Colin's head had been banished.

Luster returned to Colin's eyes and they responded to Darren. They were full of tears as soon as he recognized the young man in front of him. Darren could even hear the tears dripping from Colin's face.

"You're...Darren?" asked Colin. His lips trembled like those of a dying man. He stopped to get a closer look at the man in front of him before continuing, "You're back, Darren! Are you really Darren?"

Colin rose to his feet with excitement. He hadn't moved his gaze from the man in front of him for a single minute this whole time. Then he just stood and stared at Darren, speechless.

Darren launched his spiritual sense toward Colin as he needed to check his friend's physical state. It seemed that all of Colin's meridians had broken and his cultivation base had disappeared.

"Tell me, sir, what happened here? Where are the Holy Lord and Elsa?" murmured Darren.

Colin shook his head and turned to look at the dilapidated palace. Then he sighed, "It's all over. We are doomed!"

Darren's heart missed a beat when he heard Colin.

"Bryan is a real bastard. We never expected that he would have such a terrifying ally supporting him. What a cunning snake!" There was a trace of fear in Colin's voice.

"Bryan? You meant the Blade Holy Lord? That son of a bitch?" roared Darren. Fury reflected in his eyes.

Instead of inquiring any further, Darren helped to heal Colin's wounds first. Since he was not in a state to speak, Darren believed that Colin would tell him everything once he had healed.

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