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   Chapter 319 Share The Primitive Stones (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-11-25 00:12

"Why didn't you tell about these places earlier? We would have collected the Primitive Stones from here in the very beginning and not wasted much of our time." A little annoyed, Darren gave the Water Kylin an angry stare.

"Holy shit. I was beaten half-dead all the way. How could I find time to lead you in searching for the Primitive Stones? Alas! Why do you always blame me?" the offended Water Kylin said with an innocent face.

"Well. You're right," realizing that the Water Kylin had a point, Darren said with a smile. With that, he prepared himself to go back to the outside world.

As for the hill-sized Primitive Stone which contained the Heavenly Repression Rule, when he reached the Wonder Realm, he had absorbed only a third of them. Thus, the rest of them were readily available for him for quite a long time in case he needed some. Darren was confident that he could manage along the way. Granted that there were no more Primitive Stones containing the Heavenly Repression Rule for him to absorb, the dark gold internal force inside his body was reserved to give him the strength to carry on.

After having gathered enough Primitive Stones, Darren opened the Ancient Void Battlefield and sent the Water Kylin back, thanking him for his help as he bid him goodbye.

'I'm not sure whether the Ancient Void Battlefield could take the Water Kylin out of the Raksa Sea too, ' Darren thought for a while. 'Never mind. I should generate the jade card for transmission first.' He dismissed the earlier thought about the Water Kylin in the Ancient Void Battlefield.

Left alone by himself, Darren settled on a safe deserted island and started to generate the jade card.

Worried about his safety and the success of the transmission at the s


"That's right. We've collected some Primitive Stones ourselves. Though still not enough, they are plenty than before. No matter how many you got, they would be a substantial addition to the number of the stones," with an eloquent expression on his face, Brian echoed.

The grand warriors assumed that Darren didn't obtain many of the Primitive Stones, given the fact that he had faced hideous opponents along the way.

"The Primitive Stones..." Not being able to finish what he was about to say, Darren was interrupted for the second time. The woman grand warrior stepped forward and said, "Darren, don't worry much about the Primitive Stones. If Chad doesn't give you the rewards you deserve, I will make them up for you," the woman grand warrior smiled.

"Alas. Sirs and madam, please allow me to finish my words. What I want to say is that you can discuss how to share the Primitive Stones I've gotten for you." With that, Darren made one swift move and took out the Primitive Stones from his Space Ring. Right then and there, laid before the eyes of the grand warriors and the superior talents, a pile of Primitive Stones clumped at a towering height.

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