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   Chapter 318 Share The Primitive Stones (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-11-25 00:02

"Why are there two bodies?" Darren asked as he looked down at the two corpses laid down in front of him. One belonged to a young man. Judging from its flesh and form, it looked like it was still alive. The other was a mummy, rotten, and dried.

Despite his confusion, Darren put the two bodies into his Space Ring, and then backed out slowly.

"Father, when will we get out of here?"

As soon as he started walking out, the weird voice of the human-sized creature came into his ears. Hearing the sound made the hairs on his back stand in horror.

However, he dared not make any response. Instead, he just bit on the bullet and pointed to the space above him. He kept his guard and readied himself for any unexpected attack that might commence.

At once, all the creatures in black carapaces cheered up. They had been trapped inside the Devil Den for thousands of years. Thus they ached to be freed at once.

They knew that their king was back. Though not very powerful yet, the pureblood and the ferocious aura were the symbols of his identity as the king, which they never doubted. They acclaimed and celebrated their king for being able to save them. Soon enough, he would rise to take them out of this place.

Since Darren had gotten the bodies, he was left with no choice but to lead the creatures flying up to escape through the path amongst the stone cracks.

Walking ahead, Darren felt the intense rage released from the excited creatures. They couldn't wait to flee away from the place.

Finally, they arrived at the restricted zone located at the entrance of the cleft.

Darren raised his hand to halt the creatures in black carapaces behind him. Then, he continuously released the demonic internal force to aid in making an illusion that he was going to break up the restrictive force so that t

ody, the Water Kylin was overwhelmed with the pain.

"Ha-ha," Darren laughed. "Good job! Thanks for having my back."

"What an unfair fate! But what can I do with it?" The Water Kylin shook his head and started to heal himself.

It took the Water Kylin about ten days to make a full recovery.

"Do you know any other places where we can find more Primitive Stones? Somewhere that won't be too dangerous for us?" with a confused look, Darren asked explicitly, observing that the Water Kylin had partially recovered from its wound.

What he had in mind right now was to send the Water Kylin back to the Ancient Void Battlefield. However, his force of control was too weak, which required at least one month to recover. Thus, as an alternative, rather than wait in vain, he thought about collecting more Primitive Stones as presents to the grand warriors. Darren believed that the Primitive Stones would foster good relations with them.

During the next month, led by the Water Kylin, Darren had threaded over hundreds of uninhabited islands, leaving no stones unturned in search of the Primitive Stones. With their combined efforts, they were able to collect more than eight thousand Primitive Stones.

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