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   Chapter 317 In The Devil Den (Part Two)

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The three creatures, however, launched wafts of black smoke at Darren to test him. They seemed to have no intention of attacking him.

Sweats covered Darren's forehead. He couldn't imagine what would have happened to him had he still been in his human body.

The three monsters conversed with each other in some alien language after the test. Though Darren knew nothing about their language, he was stunned by what they did next.

Without any warning, the three creatures knelt before Darren. They kowtowed repeatedly and murmured something that sounded like prayers.

To Darren's greater surprise, the whole pack of creatures in the valley also knelt and sprawled themselves under his feet as if they were showing their respect to God. They murmured the same sob-like prayers as their companions.

Then something moved in the shadows and rustled the air.

Darren sensed an aura much stronger than Finley's. A human-sized creature covered in black carapaces flew toward Darren. Apprehension filled Darren as he felt that this creature must be the most powerful one here.

When the creature approached, Darren found, to his amazement, that this creature resembled the youth from the coffin. In fact, the more he studied the youth, the more convinced Darren became that they looked the same!

The strange man stared at Darren for a little while. The youth emitted a tremendous demonic aura. Soon, the silent man knelt before Darren as well.

"You've finally returned home, Father!"

Darren heard a weird voice speaking in his mind. This was the language the youth from the coffin spoke, which was why Darren had no difficulty understanding it.

Since he had no idea what was going on here, Darren did not dare to speak to the man. He knew that even the slig

han the creature in front of him.

The creature's furious force weakened after Darren had hit him several times in succession. His fury extinguished, and his force finally died out. He knelt on the ground and prostrated himself in front of Darren.

'That was dangerous, but the tactic paid off!' Darren sighed with relief.

All the other creatures shuddered at the sight of their leader being slapped by Darren.

Not willing to provoke the creature leader again, Darren walked to and fro in the valley. All the while, he casually tried to detect the aura of sword intent. Though he was eager to find it, Darren had to pretend that he was observing the surroundings of the valley within its radius.

Suddenly, he sensed something familiar.

A faint but powerful aura of sword intent came from behind a rock cliff. He was so elated that he could not help but launch a powerful demonic internal force. All of a sudden, explosive sounds filled the valley. Rocks collapsed and a cave as long as several thousand feet formed on the cliff in the blink of an eye. Darren slipped into the cave without hesitation.

To Darren's surprise, there were two corpses inside the cave!

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