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   Chapter 316 In The Devil Den (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-11-24 00:02

Darren took the Water Kylin and headed straight for the desolate island shrouded with a thick layer of mysterious purple smog.

"Where is the Devil Den? We had a fierce fight on the island, but no creatures came out. Weren't they alarmed by the chaos? Why?" asked Darren with curiosity.

"There is an intense restriction power under the mountain over there. That prevented the black beetles from coming out," replied the Water Kylin.

"All right," Darren said to the Water Kylin with a quick nod. "Take me there and stay out of the Devil Den. If you hear something strange in the den, then come and help me out of this damned den. Understand?"

"Of course, master."

The Water Kylin guided Darren toward a huge, steep mountain. A wide cleft on a sharp cliffside came into view as they approached the mountain. The cleft appeared to be a long and unfathomable opening that led to the world of darkness.

"It's over there in the cleft, master. Just go in. The powerful restrictive force will prevent the black beetles from leaving. Master, you must drop your demonic transformation form and reveal your real body when you exit the den. Otherwise, you'll be suppressed by the restriction force as well." The Water Kylin offered his advice to Darren. His tone and expression conveyed the seriousness he felt.

"I understand. Keep an eye on the situation inside. Don't fool around like the last time. Both of us will be doomed if you are careless this time." Darren could not help but remind the Water Kylin of his responsibility again. The creature's impulsive and thoughtless nature had, indeed, caused many problems in the past.

"Go, master. I'm a reliable partner, aren't I?" The Water Kylin grinned with confidence.

"Reliable? That's the last w

ulty.' Relief filled Darren as he thought about how small this place was in comparison with the vastness of the secret places he had searched previously.

Darren was lost in deep thought for a long while. He needed to consider his alternatives and form a plan of action. As he wondered how he should test those creatures to see whether they had found him or not, something cold and hard brushed his fingers. He turned to check and got startled.

Three creatures in black carapaces were by his side. Each was covered in a thick layer of black evil aura. They closed in on him, cornering him against the cliff wall.

Fear coursed through Darren. There was no denying that the combined strength of these three creatures surpassed his. Together, they were equal to the top level of a one-star human grand warrior.

"I'm doomed!" Darren felt a chill crawl up his spine. If the three creatures launched attacks at him, there was no way for him to escape. And there were more creatures in the valley, who were more forceful than these three.

With no idea what to do next, Darren stayed put. He stared at the three monsters in front of him and waited for them to attack.

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